Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Gets Chased By Ducks

It's no ordinary day when you have two ducks chasing after the middle of a suburb!

I'm not quite sure where these ducks were coming from or where they were going, but all I know is they were a little more friendly than I expected. 

Thomas and I were on our after dinner walk with our camera, why, I'm not sure, but he brought it along.  All of a sudden this car comes to a screeching stop.  We turn around and see two ducks quickly crossing the road.  The car had to wait for them to pass and as we stood by watching, they just got closer and closer.  Nothing was going to stop them from coming to say hello.  

Of course, Thomas wanted to take a picture of me with the ducks, but they were seriously getting really close to nipping at my ankles.  It was kinda scary.  But he was determined to get a picture of Baby Getting Chased By Ducks!

The two webbed buddies followed us until one of my former students hopped out from behind a tree with a loaf of bread....needless to say, the webbed buddies were now attacking him and not me.