Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Colorful Colorado Weekend

A couple of weeks ago Thomas, Katin and I flew back to Colorado for Joe and Shelby's wedding. What a great weekend to see family and friends and spend some time in beautiful Colorado. I love it there when it's beginning to feel like fall. Here are just a few pictures from our quick trip.

Our travels begin. Here is a nice view of the Grand Canyon out the window of the plane.

Katin thought she was pretty special sitting in her own seat on the plane. She did a great job flying, unlike her mother, who HATES turbulence! When it was bumpy Katin just fell asleep. Mom, on the other hand, squeezed Dad's hand and hoped the (safe) landing would come soon.

We got to have an actual DATE at the wedding! After Katin said Hi to her family and friends, she was picked up and swept away by Brian and Kassie. It was such a blessing being able to spend time together and enjoy Joe's special day. Thanks Brian and Kassie! (And Addie and Mason)

Playing in the grass after the ceremony. Isn't that the most adorable dress ever! (Thanks Gayle!)

And that bow...isn't that the most adorable bow you've ever seen?! (It didn't last long on her head...she liked it as a toy)

We loved our trip back "home". Now we're back in California and enjoying time with my family, trying to get a few beach days in here and there. Until next time....

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Labor Day

Aunt Becky and Uncle David came to visit us for Labor Day weekend. It was a blast having them here. It's always a blast being around them, though! They make us laugh and feel so encouraged. While they were here we had a backyard BBQ, went to the beach, had lunch at their wedding spot (The Marriott) and watched the CU vs. CSU game together. And needless to say Katin enjoyed having them around, and I'm pretty sure they enjoyed seeing Katin. Thanks for visiting!!

Playing in the backyard

Spot of the Vows.

Random picture with the random car.

I love my Aunt Bikini and Uncle David!