Thursday, January 20, 2011

I knew it!

So there I was...standing in front of the mirror checking out my big belly when it hit me. I'm HUGE! And if I don't really look huge, I feel huge. I feel as big as I did when I delivered Katin.

So I took out the tape measure from my dear hubby's construction bags and tried to measure myself. Supposedly, you measure the same number of weeks that you're pregnant. I'm 27 weeks. I would have bet that I measured 37 weeks. Lo and behold, the metal tape measure didn't work. And I'm pretty sure they don't use inches either. Maybe it's centimeters? Hmm...

So I had to wait until I saw the doctor. Which just so happened to be the next day... I walked into the small room and there it was...the evil tape measure! 27 weeks pregnant and measuring 29 whatevers. I knew it! So I guess I have every right to say I feel and AM huge! Well, maybe not. I'm not having twins. And I'm not that big...I think it's just my ooey, gooey muscles that never really tightened up after Katin was born that are just hanging out in there not very securet. So, here I am...29 whatevers and 27 weeks pregnant knowing that I'm just gonna get bigger. So here's to a bigger size maternity shirt and more sweat pants! Here's to (hopefully) eating less cinnamon rolls and more edamame beans. Here's to a growing belly, that despite the size, reminds me every day of our little miracle that God is knitting together.

Although you are hard to sleep with, and you make it hard to eat a lot at one sitting, and you often get kicked by this little 15 month old running around, I love you Belly. I love you very much. Cuz Belly means Baby!

Ok, now I'm hungry...I wonder if there is any ice cream in the freezer.........

Monday, January 17, 2011

Uncle Joe and Aunt Shelby Visit!

This past weekend we were blessed with the company of Uncle Joe and Aunt Shelby. We were so excited to have them and it really meant a lot that they took the time to come visit us here in CA. They made it for an absolutely beautiful winter weekend. Sun all day, car windows down, and amazing sunsets. It was one of those, "is it really winter?" weekends. Katin loved having new friends over and getting the chance to dip her toes in the water. Thanks for visiting Joe and Shelby! We love you!

Come again soon!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Park Day with Grandma and Grandpa Williams

After being cooped up inside all weekend (mom has a cold and no one does anything when mom has a cold) we decided to venture out into the world again. It was a typical Souther California winter day (don't believe the lies people say that it's always 75 and sunny). Crisp and cool...definitely warm enough to go out, but cold enough for a sweater. Grandma and Grandpa Williams, and Uncle Harrison, came with us to the park! Equipped with baby swings and a big field to kick the soccer ball. Katin loved it and Thomas took some really cute pictures. I just had to post a few for y'all (that was for you, Becky). Happy Winter wherever you are!

Taking Katin for a walk :)

If you look closely, you can see my one top tooth! (The other one just came through)

Our future soccer player!

She's a natural :)

Swinging with Grandpa

And loving the slide