Thursday, May 5, 2011

Me and the Double Stroller

I went out today. Just me and the girls. And the double stroller.

I woke up this morning wanting to go right back to bed, but the baby beckons and back to the boppy pillow we go. In the distance I hear my first little bundle of joy singing herself awake. It's so cute. But let's be honest here, it just turns into a cry for mom when I don't get her right away. Baby Aubrey is full, I've got spit up on my shoulder, and Katin is jumping up and down in her crib at the sight of mommy.

And so the day begins. Funny...I still want to go back to bed. So, I try. I lay on the couch and doze off when all of a sudden WHAM! A little hand hits me on the head and I open my eyes to a very colorful Katin. She found her markers. Her abstract art on the paper was fabulous...the art on her hands and legs, not so much.

So up I get...thankful that there isn't any sign of abstract art anywhere else.

I decided then and there that it was going to be a Chick Fil A day. I needed it and so did Katin! After getting everyone dressed (quite an accomplishment these days) we headed out to our first stop, Babies R Us, to make an exchange. Yes, by this time it's 10am and I'm not really sure where the last three hours went.

Double stroller, here we go!

First stop...success. One random thing I saw on the way there was two guys using a Call Box. Have you ever actually seen anyone using a call box? Especially in these days of iphones and blackberrys? Anyway...

Chick Fil A was YUMMY as always and I actually got both kids inside without any hassle. We ate, we chatted with our favorite chick fil a employee, Rebecca, got a refill and left. I was very thankful for the close parking spot.

So my very first outing with two kids was a success. Work. But a success. Tomorrow will probably look a little more familiar to me.... Pajamas. All day.

Happy Mother's Day :)