Tuesday, July 19, 2011

A Little Corny

It's moments like these that make me smile.

We love our
care free
corn on the cob eating
cutie pie!

Who needs corn holders!?

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Just do Something Motherly

That's what I had to do...something motherly...after my 2 month old was having a cry fest and her mom was kinda freaking out, I told myself to just do something motherly.

Because I'm a mommy. That's what I am. That's what I do. Day and night. Night and day. Whether it's folding cute little baby onesies or building puzzles with my genius 1 year old. (I had to include genius there) It was a good reminder for me that my life is still changing into full on, full blown motherhood.

So for me, just doing something motherly is...

Just being me! A mommy!

A mommy who...

forgets to wash daddy's work clothes
sympathy cries with my baby when her tummy hurts
wipes spit up off herself regularly
thinks showers are overrated- Kirkland wipes are way better (shout out to Aunt Donna)
loves ponytail holders
wears the same thing two days in a row...OK...three...
colors...A LOT!
occasionally cooks dinner
has a hubby who kisses me even though I smell like @$%*
wipes butts
wishes she could drink more Dr. Pepper
Ok...wishes she could drink more wine
has a brown eyed ball of energy who only stops to sleep
and a blue eyed kissable chubster who really likes to eat
loves her own mommy more than she knows
has tea parties and eats fake french fries
ventures out of the house for playdates and chick fil a
loves watching Katin's face when she's playing with daddy
hardly ever puts her girls in dresses
hates having piles around, but has them
wishes her kids would poop regularly so I didn't have to worry
worries too much
could add to this list everyday...

And yea, a mommy who...drives a minivan :)

From now on, when things get crazy or difficult or out of control, or exhausting, I will say to myself, "you're a mom, doing something motherly is your job".

And I love my job!