Saturday, June 23, 2012

6 years ago...

I married the greatest guy in the world!  Seriously, the whole entire world!

So today we strolled along the crowded streets of Laguna and walked down our "isle" again.

As we got the chance to talk about life and the past 10 years of getting to know each other one thing still remains... Thomas has been and always will be the greatest encourager and challenger of my faith.  His desire to be sold out for Jesus is contagious.   

 Oh, and of course we celebrated with some ice cream!

Happy Anniversary Smoken Hot Hubby!

Seriously though, the whole entire world! 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012


You shouldn't be surprised that our little Katin has just finished her first session of indoor soccer.  I'm so excited that she now knows the words dribble, shoot and score!  We play soccer at the park, in the backyard and even in the living room.  If she doesn't grow up playing soccer, I won't cry for too long.  But no volleyball...shorts are too short!

Here's our little soccer stud in action:
Listening intently to the coach (Katin is in pink)

 Dribbling.  She doesn't really know how to turn around so she will dribble all the way to the wall and then go the other direction.

Coach said stand against the wall.  She's waaaay over there against the wall ready to play "rooster tail"- one of her (and now daddy's) favorite games.

 Getting down to business....with strategy and boogers.

 Now they will scrimmage.  There is at least one person who gets kicked in the face because he (usually a boy) tries to pick up the ball with his hands.  No hands in soccer, silly boys!

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

You might find Katin

You might find her walking around the house singing to herself.  Very cute!  Usually songs like twinkle twinkle or Jesus loves me.  Lately, though, if you were a fly on the wall you'd hear, "Red solo cup...I fill you up!  Let's have a party!"  Blame Daddy.  Why...because it's on his playlist.

You might also find our little darling in time out.  Timer and all!  Yesterday she was in time out for not obeying when I asked her to put the pillows back that she had strewn across the living room.  As always, she sits in time out.  She then tells me why she was sent there.  And we have a very quick chat that ends with an "I love you" and a hug.  Yesterday she ended with "I love you Mommy.  Forgive me please."  Blame Mommy.  Why...because I say it VERY often.  To both her and her daddy.

And then again you may find her doing one of her favorite activities...puzzle building.  Her latest and greatest is a four foot long floor puzzle of the alphabet.  She puts it all together then walks on each letter singing her ABC's.  Then she asks me what my favorite letter is and I tell her every time that it's the N because it has a picture of a Narwhal.  (Random)  When I ask her she always says, "D for my Daddy.  I really love daddy."  (You have to say "really" with a very deep and throaty voice)  And then crawls Aubrey.  Of course Katin wants to know which one is her favorite.  Well...Aubrey's favorite is to DESTROY things.  When she proceeds to take apart the ABC's Katin has a bit of a meltdown.  Blame Aubrey.  Why...because Aubrey is the most likely cause of meltdowns lately....unbeknownst to  her of course.