Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Visit from Grandma and Grandpa Fish

Last week was special.  We got a visit from Grandma Anne and Grandpa Fish!  They came for loads of family fun and how great it is for them that they now only have to visit one location to see ALL OF THEIR KIDS!  I'm a sucker for getting together with family.  I absolutely love it and never get enough.  I love any excuse for a family get together!  And what's a better excuse than a birthday party!?!?  Katin turned FOUR, yes people, she's FOUR!  Only one year away from being able to chew gum (I said that once and she remembers forever).  So of course next year all she wants for her birthday is pink gum.  This year...another story.  She wanted a cow cake that Grandma sent a picture of in the mail.  She was set on making that cow cake.  How hard could it be, really?  Um...hard!  But thanks to Aunt Becky and Grandma Anne we pulled it off.  So the week was complete with a four year old party with a house full of family, a CU football game, a Stampede Parade on Pearl Street, a visit to Anderson Farms, a special birthday outing to Xtreme Altitude, a dinner out to the Rio, and maybe a little too much cow cake, cuz the last day our visitors were here Katin and I were SICK SICK SICK!  All is OK now, but of course we would have loved to have spent their last day WITH them.  We loved every moment of their visit though and we were so happy they got to sleep over at our house!  The girls loved waking up and seeing them in the morning right away...in their jammies!  One day they even got to go in and jump on the bed and wake them up!  Whoah!  So fun!  So thanks mom and Doug for a special trip to Colorado.  One we will always remember (which do we NOT remember???!!!)  Enjoy life back on the beach...we will be there soon!!!
Only missing Harry

 Birthday morning waffles...complete with candles!

Me and my birthday girl :) 

The cow cake! 

Getting the party started! 

The cousins...so sweet! 

Daddy and Aubs- she wanted to take that huge pumpkin home.  After I asked her and Katin where it would fit, they said...."we could put it on our roof" 

Grandma and her babies 

Oh man she loved this barrel ride!

And awesome seats for the game (C'mon Buffs!) that David got us.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Avery's First Birthday

This weekend we celebrated Avery's First Birthday at the new Kinney House.  It was such a great party, filled with balloons, happy kids and great conversations.  Our special birthday niece even had a few long distance travelers in town- Grandma and Grandpa Kinney and Grandma and Grandpa Anthony.  We love you Avery!  And I'm totally going to eat my next birthday cake just like you did!  #facefirst