Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Motherhood Moments Countdown

Aren't countdowns the best?! If you haven't learned to appreciate countdowns, watch VH1 for a day and you'll find one. The other day I saw snippets of the Craziest Moments in Reality TV Countdown. Of course, there was one about the Amazing Race, so I was hooked! Well, after watching a couple I was inspired to make a countdown of my own. Motherhood Moments Countdown. Here goes!

15.) The camera is always handy... it's always a Kodak moment around here.

14.) Ummm... that's not spit up on my shoulder, or pants, or jacket....

13.) Good look, Katin. Rice cereal in your hair really makes for a good 'do. Bath time?

12.) It's time to do laundry when your husband has two different socks on his feet- not just different kinds, but different colors! Couldn't find a match in there hun?!

11.) 7am and I hear her wake from her slumber through the I turn it off!

10.) Story time means reading every word on the page as fast as you possibly can. Not because you want to get it over with, but because the pages look good right now. Board books anyone?

9.) Pulling my hair, scratching my face, eating her bib instead of her cereal...why can't she understand the word "NO" yet?!?!?!

8.) 1am- "Thomas, go check on her." "Kristen, she's fine." "I know but just go check and see." "OK...but you only get two of these per night." "Deal."

7.) Moms who don't sleep when their kid sleeps are missing out! Nap times are the B-E-S-T.

6.) Amazing Race is now a Monday morning show on the computer. During nap time. So maybe number 7 should be rephrased.

5.) The smile I get when I see her first thing in the morning is priceless. So much so that sometimes I sneak in there before Thomas gets there just so I can steal the smile for myself :) Sorry, sweetie!

4.) that snow out there? (Three flights of stairs, a car to scrape, boots to find, jackets to wear.) No thanks, we'll stay inside today.

3.) There is STILL snow out there! Maybe Katin can learn how to build a puzzle today.

2.) We don't have the following things at our house. So when we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa, these things were fascinating and frustrating:
Home telephone- rings four times- during her naps, that's a lot- so I race to get it on the first ring.
Palm Trees- they sway in the breeze...very cool!
A porch swing to watch the cars drive by- hours of entertainment.
Lots of people- means lots of baby holding, means lots of getting spoiled, means lots of whining back at home.

1.) Drum Roll Please... I haven't had ice cream for 5 months! (if you know me well, you'd know that's pretty much impossible) Oh, the sacrifices you make for your child! And it's totally worth it! (yes, I am accepting invitations to go get ice cream as soon as this particular sacrifice is over)

Happy Countdowning Everyone!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Thing About My Baby

The thing about my baby is that I can't get enough cuddles and kisses and smiles and laughs. I just can't.

Keep 'em comin' Katin!