Tuesday, August 17, 2010

My New Favorite

Watermelon... It's my new favorite thing to eat! Whenever mommy or daddy cuts it up I get really excited. All I need to see is that bright red triangle on that green rind (never knew that's how you spell it) and I start breathing really fast and crinkling up my nose. That lets mommy and daddy know that I NEED watermelon. Of course, they share with me and I thoroughly enjoy it. Down to that green rind. I tend to make a little mess though...

I love that they let me hold my very own piece and don't get mad that I'm all sticky afterward. Mmmmmm....I love watermelon!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Bathing Suit- A More Frequent Attire

Dear Friends,

What a lame way to say it...but THANK YOU! Lame because it's on my blog and not in person. But, seriously, thank you for loving us dearly and encouraging us as we say goodbye. Well, not goodbye, but see you later. Thomas and I felt so appreciated and supported this past week as we have hugged and cried with many of you. This move will definitely have it's ups and downs. So as you read this, say a prayer please! Pray that God's grace will really and truly fall down like rain on us as we embark on this new adventure we call life with Jesus.

And yes, our bathing suits will be a more frequent attire around here, but as we look far to where the sky meets the ocean, we will think of the times that we gazed at the purple mountains at sunset and think of you! Cheers to our Colorado friends and family! We miss you!