Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Katin's First Birthday- Video Part

I couldn't help but include these videos of our sweet little one year old! I especially love the Rodey video!

Here she is playing on her new slide:

Here she is on her new toy Rodey:

Here she is eating her sprinkles:

Monday, October 25, 2010

Katin's First Birthday- Picture Part

Happy Birthday, Katin!
I know this is way too many pictures, but I had about 100 to choose from and narrowed it down to these to share with you all. (It's mostly for you, Aunt Bikini)

Katin had her first birthday at the Dana Point Harbor picnic tables. It rained all week long, with no sign of the sun. But on that Sunday morning, the sun woke us up and shined all day long! (It's raining again today) So, it was beautiful and Katin got to celebrate with her favorite poeple: Grandma Camera, Grandpa Doug, Grandma Kathy and Grandpa Michael. Crazy Aunt Donna and 6 limit picture-per-year Uncle Steve. Jordan and Chad. Golfer Uncle Martin and of course, super fun Uncle Harry. It was perfect! Although, a little overwhelming for the one year old.

We had pizza and salad to start and then it was time for presents. Apparently there was a buy one get one sale on little people, so we have now started a collection of those tiny little figurines. Grandma Camera sent a slide to the house the day before, Thomas put it together and why not take it to the harbor?! It was great fun, along with that Rodey Donkey that she opened as well. (Video to come)

Cupcake time has come! Crazy Aunt Donna baked a giant one for Birthday Girl and Thomas's prediction about how she would go about eating it was correct. All Girl! She put her dainty little fingers in the frosting and picked out each sprinkle one at a time. Eventually she stuck her face on it to get a more sprinkle-filled bite. But overall she was very neat about the whole thing. We love our little cupcake!

Thanks for celebrating our 'she's no longer a baby anymore, going to be walking soon, poops like no other, says mama and dada, loves to dance, one year old'.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Go Buffs!

Every Saturday we check to see if we get the Buff game televised. And every Saturday we've been able to find it on some strange channel. (Dad has a superb cable package) It's no HD or anything, but it's the Buffs and we will cheer!

Every Saturday we find a Buff outfit for Katin to wear. Thanks to Deborah, we have a few! She loves clapping when the Buffs do well and of course, posing for the camera. She's beginning to recognize when her picture is getting taken. So fun!


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Choo! Choo!

Katin had a grand adventure on the train the other weekend. We choo choo-ed all the way down to San Diego where we toured around Seaport Village. After doing a little window shopping and people watching we had a nice lunch together at a seafood place. Then it was off to the best part of the day...the USS Midway. We loved it so much, well, Thomas loved it so much, that he wants to go back and do the real headphone, stop at each station and listen, tour.
Maybe someday sweetie.

Looking out the train window. Lots to see from surfers to trees to houses to more surfers.

Nap time on the train- Thomas LOVES it when she sleeps on him...it's not very often.

Want some of my noodles?

Really, you should have some, they're good!

Cheeks are stuffed with noodles. :)

We took a ride on the merry-go-round. Katin seemed to enjoy it until she saw her daddy and then wanted to hop off the horse. Keeping her on that horse while you're spinning around is a hard task.

The USS Midway- an aircraft carrier.

I totally know what all these controls do.

So fun! We got to explore most of the planes on deck.

Well, Thomas and I did most of the exploring. Katin slept through the whole thing!

It was a fun family day in San Diego. Love you Thomas and Katin!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Going on One!

I can't believe it! Little Katin is going to be ONE this month! I know it's still 2o days away, but I'm excited. All I really want her to do is smash her face in a giant cupcake. Thanks to Aunt Donna, that's going to happen! I'll post pictures of that for sure.

These are just a few pictures of Katin going on ONE. She loves hanging out in the front yard watching the cars and people go by. She waves at all of them even if they don't wave back. And she just doesn't stop smiling! I love her!

Bye for now! I need to get back to my bag of sour gummy worms that I've been munching on. I may as well finish the bag seeing that there are only two left. Love the gummy worms!