Monday, August 20, 2012

The First Few Days

The first few days here in our new home have been wonderfully exciting yet tearfully bittersweet.  As we get adjusted to new old life here, we are thankful for all the people who love us!  We honestly have never felt so loved before.  We have been overcome with emotion and we can't say thank you enough for loving us and encouraging us in our move.  Friends here have provided some new housewarming gifts.  Family here has hosted BBQ's and dance parties!  And Grandma has even babysat already!  Friends back in California have sent numerous texts checking in and letting us know they are praying for us and missing us.  And our family in California...well, they're coming out to visit this week!  Their send off has been the most gracious and encouraging thing we have experienced in a while.  So once again...thank you for making us feel so overcome with love!  We look forward to sharing pictures and thoughts from our life here in Colorful Colorado.  Keep enjoying the blog!!!

We have really been enjoying our pool!

Here it is:  the best 'Katin underwater with her goggles on' picture we could get.

 And we've especially enjoyed having meals together as a family in our new home :)

Here's to many more pool days, meal times and much much more!  
(I think I'll be OK if I have to wait a while for the snow)
Our Home: Our Story

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Heads Colorado Tails California

Heads it is.

Farewell California.  I will miss you....Family....Friends...

The tears I have cried may be enough to fill this ocean...

But the happiness that fills my heart about being here may bigger than these mountains...

God is good.