Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Family Fun in January

After the new year I started the countdown.  19 days and my family would be here!  In COLORADO!!!!  The days seemed to drag on but each time I talked with them I made sure to tell them how excited we all were to have them here.  And finally the day came when they arrived in beautiful Boulder, Colorado where the weather could have easily fooled us for spring time.  (good for those California kids)

It was like the book "The Relatives Came" by Cynthia Rylant.  A children s book that talks about relatives coming to visit and how there was so much hugging and it was hard to fall asleep with all that new breathing in the house.  It felt just like that.  It was one big slumber party on Gapter Road.  The house we rented was amazing!  Not only did it have a swing set in the backyard, but it had a path that lead to COWS!  Talk about  great entertainment for the girls!  They loved it.  Katin even named some of the cows when she was on her walk with Aunt Donna and Cousin Jordan.

Despite all that new breathing and being so.....together....we all had a wonderful time!  I'm always so encouraged by my family because we are so many different people that no matter what love each other through anything and accept one another as they are.  Period.  It's a great feeling to know we can all be ourselves and feel comfortable.  I guess wine helps though :)

Yes, there was wine.  And yummy food.  And Spooners.  And late nights playing Cranium.  And early mornings with babies.  And skiing.  And fudge!  And shopping on Pearl Street.  And reminiscing about the pull out couch.  And snoring family members being quarantined.  And a tire swing. And a "hike".  And more fudge.  It was so fun!

I'm thankful that my family took the time to come here to Colorado so we could have sort of a family reunion of sorts.  To me that says love.  It says commitment   And it says that we can do quality time over quantity.  Love you Donna, Evan, Katie, Jordan, Chad, Becky, David, Avery, MOMMY, Doug, Harrison, Thomas, Katin and Aubrey.  I am thankful I get to call you my family!

       Now we can all officially begin 2013!