Saturday, February 23, 2013

It Finally Snowed!

We've been waiting a long while for the perfect sledding day.....and it finally came!  These two are so darn cute!  They loved it and can't wait for more snow so we can go sledding again.  Daddy on the other hand is still sore from pulling them back up the hill about 25 times :)  What a good dad!

This was Aubrey's first time in front...a little more timid for sure.  Oh man did they fly!

Monday, February 11, 2013


Thomas got a surprise gift at Christmas....a flight to Detroit!  Actually he got two tickets.  One for him and one for his smoken hot wife.  Nice vacation, right?!  It was actually.  Let's be honest here mom nice does it sound to sit inside an airport without anyone hanging on you or needing you or climbing on you or talking to you?  Pretty nice, I know.  So this trip was sort of a vacation for us.  Despite the destination, it was such a great little getaway for us.  (Sidenote- as I am typing this, my sweet little Aubrey is throwing a pillow onto my head)

So about that vacation.... Detroit has not been on the top of our list of places to see, like Mount Rushmore or Maine or New York City have been.  But ever since our friends, the Orfs, moved there they have intrigued us to go and visit.  Many of their close (and not so close friends) visited them during their two year stay in Belfast, Ireland.  Much more appealing than Detroit.  So they were quite surprised that we would want to head their way in the middle of a Detroit winter.  One word folks.  Southwest.

But in all honesty, we were very excited to see what life was like and how our friends were living in such a run down and sad place.  And run down and sad it was.  It's so crazy to think that the city was booming just a few years ago.  Now, as you drive by a row of houses you'd find only about 1/3 of them occupied.  The others were burned out, demolished, windows blown, rubbish.  Very sad.  But for those who live there still, it's all they have.  And it's very evident that they are very thankful for whatever they have.

Now as for Bobby and Joy, and the two other couples that live with them, they have moved to Detroit for one reason...well maybe a few rolled into one sentence.  To follow God's leading as they engage in communal living while trying to restore an impoverished area.  Risky, right!?  But very bold.  I'm proud of them.  Am I glad I don't feel like Detroit is my calling, YES!  But I'm proud of them for living amongst less comforts and more reliance on God's goodness and provision.  I'm thankful for the ways the Lord shows us His care and provision towards His people.  Like how He leaves checks on a doorstep of someone in need to paying thousands of dollars in medical bills.  Or how He finds a new mom a much needed carseat.  Or like the time He treated a homeless man to a backpack full of snacks and toiletrees.  You're probably thinking of many more examples.  Praise God!

As you may have guessed, our trip was great!  Eye-opening, encouraging, inspiring, humbling....

Thanks to Grandma Anne for coming to hang out with our girls while we could experience Detroit in "peace".  And what did I do on an airplane before kids?!?!  I think I read magazines or maybe watched a show.  Doing that again was bliss :)  Thanks mom!

A few moments captured: