Sunday, April 14, 2013

Happy Birthday Aubs!

Our sweet little, lover of hugs, bundle of happiness, cute as a button, looks like a Milburn, adorable voice, awesome at singing, Aubrey has turned TWO!  We celebrated with a birthday breakfast on her actual birthday with mommy, daddy, and Katin.  Then the next day we had a little family birthday party for her at the "ladybug" park.  The girls named it that because it has a big ladybug you can ride.  Of course, her favorite part was the cupcake.  Let's see what the TWOS bring for Aubs!  

Monday, April 1, 2013


We headed out to California last week for my sister's wedding.  We made it an extra long trip so we could see friends, family and soak up some sun.  We even made it to Disneyland!  It was wonderful to be back to the place we love and lived for two years!  It was the first time back since moving back to Colorado in August.  It was waaaay too long!  When we first arrived, both Thomas and I agreed that the next visit would come much sooner.  Summertime for sure!

The wedding was beautiful!  Kevin and Marissa did a great job and I'd say the highlights were getting ready beforehand with the girls and dancing!  Uncle Martin had some great moves to Gangnam Style.  Too funny!  Oh, and Aubrey and Katin and Lila looked pretty darn cute!  Tutu's were handmade by our own Becky Kinney.

Seeing friends was such a treat.  They made us feel so loved and encouraged when they made it a priority to come and see us on Sunday.  The kids enjoyed a little egg hunt and Thomas and I got to catch up with some great friends.  I'm so thankful for the friendships we made while we were there and how they continue to grow even now.

Going to the beach is always a must!  Walking down to Three Arch is one of my favorite things to do in life.  Walking to shell beach, trying to get through the third Arch and touching black rock are never to be missed.  The girls love it down there and Katin especially had a great time.  Pure joy!

And then there's Disneyland!  Grandpa came with us and he was such a trooper (nothing less to be expected).  But he rode all the rides and walked the entire day without taking a single nap :)  He loves his naps.  If you ask Katin, her favorite ride was "yo ho yo ho a pirates life for me!"  She loved the two big dips and can't wait to go back in a few years and go on Splash Mountain (with her arms up).  If you ask Aubrey, her favorite part was seeing Tigger and Pooh.  She couldn't contain her excitement as we approached.  She just loved seeing all the characters.

Our days at Three Arch, Huntington, and our "old home" were spent well talking with family and relaxing by the ocean.  Couldn't have asked for a better vacation!  Although it was busy, we still made time for company naps and glasses of wine.

Seeing so much family and friends reminded us how loved we are by so many people.  It's never enough time!