Thursday, June 13, 2013

Mama's Takin Us to the Zoo Tomorrow

Well I actually took them a few days ago, but the song is so fun to sing.  We had a great time gazing at all the animals with Aunt Becky and Cousin Avery and Shaina and her son Josh.  We all had a great time and thanks to Shaina it was a free outing!  Which was really nice because we didn't feel like we needed to push the kids to spend AAAALLLL day there to see every single winged, furry, scaly, waddling creature in the park.  When we got too hot, we left.  It was perfect.  If you ask Aubrey what her favorite animal was she'd now say the Giraffes.  Before she said the Turkeys, but we never even saw Turkeys so....  Giraffes it is.  She loves telling me that there were five of them and that they were really big ones.  Katin would tell you her favorite animal was the carousel.  So I guess that means her favorite was the Stork.  The animal she got to ride on the carousel.  So cute.  She also talks about the penguins a lot and tries to walk like them asking me how to waddle.  She tries to keep her knees locked and waddle and it's the funniest thing I've seen in a while.  My favorite...the grizzle bears!  They were putting on a show like they were getting paid to live at a zoo!  It was awesome.  But the barrier between them and us suddenly got really dinky, so we moved on.  Wouldn't want to meet one of those....EVER....  The Denver Zoo is quite wonderful really.  It's very well shaded and has a good layout.  I don't know if I would say it's nicer or more grandiose than the San Diego Zoo (shout out to Jordan and Chad), but nevertheless it's really a fun outing with kids!