Thursday, February 27, 2014

Super Bus

Here in Erie, CO we've got a local team of ma and pa gymnasts who drive their super bus down to the rec center almost every day to teach young ones how to somersault and stand on their heads.  Aubrey and Katin love the super bus and we've had them in the class for three sessions now.  I'm hoping to sign them up again because during the warmer months, the super bus pulls out the big guns and puts the big ole trampoline out for the kids to jump on.  What more could you ask for?!

The Super Bus is an old school bus that was possibly sent to "Overhaulin" and transformed into a gym inside complete with a slide, rope swing, parallel bars, climbing net and maybe some more.  It's pretty awesome!  The girls have class together, which they love and they start in the gym and then head out to the super bus.  The last day of class is one where parents get to watch and take loads of pictures (which is exactly what I did).  Oh, and did I mention it's a drop off class??  Yeah, so awesome for mom!

So now, I present to you the future Olympians....Katin and Aubrey!

My little gymnasts make me so proud!