Monday, November 16, 2009

10 things people never really tell you...

And maybe it's on purpose!

After 9 months of carrying a child:

1. The water breaking isn't just a one time thing... you could be sitting in the doctor's office after it broke once and all of a sudden have wet pants...again!

2. The labor and delivery floor has a pretty awesome stash of crackers, tea and ice chips!

3. Some nurses don't say goodbye to you when their shift ends.

4. Newborn babies look really gross when they first come out- you kinda look at your kid and go, hmmm...OK....looks good....she's gonna be a cutie?

5. The "bugger sucker" is the coolest thing you walk away from the hospital with- besides your new child.

6. You suddenly become really good friends with the "always" brand...

7. Maternity clothes fit better AFTER delivery.

8. Breastfeeding HURTS LIKE HELL at first. But then again, it's not foreplay....said one of the joke.

9. Diapers really do go fast, and it's about 18 cents per diaper!

10. No matter how much you sleep when baby sleeps during the day, no one EVER wants to wake up in the middle of the night.

Despite the fact that either no one told me these things or someone did and I just didn't listen... it's the greatest thing in the world to look at my little baby Katin and just watch her live.