Friday, June 20, 2014

Matthew Craig Milburn

It was dinner time and our good friends, The Schulz's, were watching our girls so Thomas and I could have a little date.  Thomas ordered the 2am burger.....

So 2am rolls around (not joking) and I get up to do the usual...pee...again...  Well this time my water broke!  Little boy was ready to enter the world.  I was kind of in denial about it and reluctantly woke up Thomas and shared the news.  Then I proceeded to tell him what to pack.  You see...I had a scheduled c-section on June 11-one whole week before my due date.  So I really didn't think anything would be happening on June 6th!  But, we go!  After having Aunt Becky come over to watch the girls, we were off to the hospital and ready to meet little baby boy.

What a joy!  At 8:57 am on June 6, Matthew Craig was born and what a gift from God he is!  Weighing 8 lbs and 1 oz and 20 inches long...he's just a little bundle of love!  We are so excited for baby brother to join the family and can't wait to see what kinds of fun he brings :)

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  1. Love. Love. Love. I can't wait to meet him soon! love you guys...