Monday, June 22, 2009

Throwdown with Bobby Flay

As I lay in bed flipping through the channels, I come across the ever-so- yummy Food Network channel.  It's one of my favs...Throwdown with Bobby Flay!  I get really excited when either this or Ace of Cakes is on.  Usually it's late here, so it's not too often that I watch.  As Thomas was working on his Theology paper, I soak it all in...the Red Velvet Cake Throwdown!!!  If you haven't seen this show it's all about Bobby Flay taking on other chefs to see who makes the better whatever.  Last night was Red Velvet Cake.  YUM!!!

So we did.
And we decorated it very girly....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Sitting Down

I call this post "sitting down" because that's how our our little one will go pee! Eventually, of course, when SHE is potty trained.

Going to sleep last night was like trying to go to sleep on Christmas Eve....I couldn't fall asleep at all and as soon as I would, I woke up every couple of hours smiling with excitement peeking at the clock. It was a restless night, but I'm thankful that I made our appointment in the morning. We didn't have to wait too long to discover that our little ball of energy would soon be our little girl.

The alarm went off (although I was already wide awake) and I got up and went to the bathroom. Then it was time to start drinking my 32 ounces of water...WITHOUT peeing! It was tough. The entire way to the doctor I thought I was going to pee my pants. Then I really almost did when the radiologist started pushing on my belly. Luckily, he let me free after a few minutes to relieve myself. After many measurements and numbers and pictures of baby, he finally zoomed in on THE SPOT. Apparently, there it was...or wasn't. We are blessed to say she has all of her limbs, a good size brain, a beating heart, weighs a pound, but not too much wriggle room. She was quite active, actually, and it was hard to get a good glimpse of her profile until the end when I shook her up a bit. She looks cute in there...albeit...cramped. At one point she had her two feet clear up next to her head!! At any rate, we are very excited!

Naturally, I went right over to Target after Thomas went to work. (Well, I called a few people before that:)) I got pretty overwhelmed looking at all the girl stuff and baby stuff and I ended up walking out of there with a little soccer ball and pink socks that say "Daddy's Little Angel". I figure she'll get some use out of both. Now, as many of you know I really love the color pink, so it's fitting that we are having a girl. So..THINK PINK everyone!!! And let's hope that we aren't surprised with a boy upon delivery or he will look really silly dressed in all those pink clothes with cute hair bows!

Love to you all! Keep praying SHE grows well and healthy!

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

What are we creating???

I was going through some pictures trying to get some together to print and I came across our Rocky Mountain National Park adventure.  Thomas and I went on a hike and saw loads of Elk about a month ago.  It was gorgeous.  The first thing I thought of when I was going through these photos our kid going to be just like us?  If might be a little scary.  Here is what I found...

Not mad...just posing for the camera.
Not sure what this pose is....
Nope, wasn't sick......
And here is DAD!
I'm not sure if he ever takes a picture without one of them looking like this.
If our little being that is so fearfully and wonderfully made by God is going to turn out like us, picture takers beware!  The "normal" pictures might not outweigh the "not-so-normal" pictures. 

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Whoa Oh We're Halfway There...

Whoa Oh...Living on a Prayer!

So here it is. The belly at 20 weeks. It feels big, but I guess I'm going to just keep getting bigger. I bought my first pair of maternity shorts the other day. I got really excited about them because they don't have that full panel that goes over my whole stomach and up my back and basically holds up my boobs too. It's just a below the waist band that is stretchy. I love them! But...I haven't been able to wear them due to RAIN. It's rainy and gloomy here, but I am confident that I will wear my preggo shorts soon.

Now this has nothing to do with my belly, but it has everything to do with my mother! I just want everyone to watch out! Because she is going to look sooooooooooooooo HOT at Becky's wedding. Her dress is absolutely fabulous and I'm really excited for everyone to see it. Good pick, Mom!

Anyway, more belly pics on the way. Off to bear the weather--maybe in shorts...we'll see!