Monday, August 31, 2009

Fat Hands

It finally happened.... My hands are getting fat! Now it wouldn't really matter, but the fact that I still have my wedding ring on my finger makes it matter because I'm not sure if it's going to come off! I admit, I'm in denial of my hands getting fat. I keep telling myself that I just ate too much salt or that it's really hot out and I'm swelling up. But, there's just no denying it anymore because my ring is tight in the middle of the night... no saltiness and no heat. So, I guess I'll have to "man up" (or shall I say, "mom up") and get this ring off my finger. Just another sacrifice, right!?

I better bust out the dish soap and store it in a safe place till my hands get back to normal. Will they? They better! I can't walk around without my wedding ring on! Could you imagine what all those single men would do!?!?!?! HAHAHA... Just kidding! But for real, I LOVE Thomas and want that little token of our eternal love for each other to be attached to me at all times.

Maybe I'll get a nice big fake diamond.... I mean, real big.... they sell those somewhere, right?

Friday, August 21, 2009

A Place to Rest

Our little girl will now have a place to lay her head. The crib came!!! It was about 6:30 when Thomas got home to a big box and he couldn't wait to put it together. I said putting it together tomorrow would be fine, but he was just too excited. So... here he is getting all the parts out of the box.

And here he is being silly... it's kinda funny how much a crib looks like a jail. Is that what it's supposed to be? I guess when you put your kid in a crib, you expect it to stay put and confined to one jail! Hahaha.. And can I just say, my super handy husband didn't look at the instruction manual. He got all the parts out and knew exactly what to do with them. I was a little skeptical, but as you can see below, he did a great job!

Here it is!!! After putting it all together we really wanted to put all the bedding on it. So, of course, Thomas said we should go get a mattress and put it all together for real. It will be all ready by the time this crazy girl comes! I would like to point out the two blankets.. The one on the left is the one my Grandma made for either me or Becky and my mom used it for us and for Harrison. And she has passed it on to us for our daughter. And, the one on the right... PINK MANK!!!! Harrison couldn't say blanket, so he said mank, and he had a white one forever... I think he still has it somewhere. He got us a pink one. :) So, baby room is pretty much ready! What else do we need? Once you put a crib in a room it looks just like a nursery. OK, baby, we're ready for you... I think... We're excited to meet you!!!!!!!!!!!! Will you have hair? Will you look like an alien? Will you cry a lot? Will you like sleeping like your daddy?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Baby Makes it to Aunt's Wedding!

The wedding party

YEA!!!!!!!!!!  The baby, mom and dad made it to aunt Bikini's wedding!  We were so thrilled that we were able to go for a short time.  God brought us back to Colorado after a couple of days without any complications.  What a blessing!  It was so great to be there to support Becky and David and celebrate their special day.  I just love my sister and couldn't imagine not being there.  She looked soooo beautiful!  I'm pretty sure at the reception she didn't stop dancing the entire night.  One funny moment of the wedding was during the ceremony.  The pastor handed David the microphone and here is what happened:

Pastor:  David, take this microphone and say this promise.

David:  (takes the microphone) This promise...

Pastor:  Ha...not yet, the promise you will repeat after me.

I was cracking up!  This promise....  hahahahahaha..  anyway, wedding was beautiful, weather was fabulous and seeing family was (as always) wonderful! 

Rehearsal Dinner at the Chart House

Rehearsal at the Mariott

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Bass Lake and Beyond!

Here is the gang this year...  Dad, Kathy, Ray, Susan, Lilly, Teddy, Marissa, Cam, Martin, Mimi, Thomas, Me and Baby

Here I am with baby at 27 weeks!

So...after the Bass Lake Extravaganza, we made it home just in time to do laundry, sleep a little bit and get re-packed.  Thomas was soon off to Houseboats- a trip to Flaming Gorge with 45 students for a week of fun and I was off to Laguna Beach to help Becky get all ready for her big day.  Well....  our plans don't always line up with God's plans for us.  And we know that His plans are better... although sometimes it doesn't seem that way.  As I was getting my raffia to tie bows around starfish for the wedding at Hobby Lobby, I got a call from my ever so loving sister in law.  She thought I should see the doctor about the uncomfortable tight feeling I was experiencing.  Well....she's pretty smart and I listened and with much hesitation I called my doctor and went for a visit.  I was leaving for 2 and a half weeks, so it was a good idea to make sure everything was OK.  Well...  it  wasn't.  Apparently, I had some pre term labor contractions that the doc took very seriously.  

After many tears and feelings of anger and sadness, I went to the hospital to be monitored.  As you may have guessed, doc wasn't letting me go anywhere.  So my flight to CA left without me and I was hooked up to a monitor for two days with my loving husband my my bed...who by the way...helped me go to the bathroom every time I needed to.

The days went by and doctor put me on bed rest until the next test.  The test will tell me if I am at risk of delivering early.  The test happens on Tuesday.  I better fly out on Thursday.  Let's pray that the good Lord will let me be at my sister's wedding!  Bed rest, bed's REALLY boring...unless your MOM comes to hang out with you....

Here she loving to take care of me!

While Thomas was on his houseboat trip, my mom came to be my nurse.  She was wonderful!  Here are just a few things she did for me to show me how much she loves me and baby...
- Vacuumed
- Dusted
- Washed sheets
- went to the grocery store
- Watched a soap opera with me
- Got really good at Wheel of Fortune
- Made me grilled cheese and tater tots (twice)
- Baked me a cake for my birthday and made dinner for 14 people!
- Did Sudoku puzzles with me
- Built a shell puzzle with me
- Drove me to the doctor
- Got me Salvaggios
- Rubbed my Back
- Loved me like my mom!

Thanks mom!!!  

I also have to give a shout out to Angie, Emma, Addie and Brody who also took care of me for a couple of days...made sure my water cup was full, cooked me pink fish and tapioca pudding and even brought me flowers!  Thanks Osbornes!!!!!

This is basically what we looked like throughout the day.  I had a few bloody noses and every time I tortured mom with her ear drops, she had to put that in her ear.  We are so cool!