Friday, September 25, 2009

A Sandwich and the Mountains

Yes, it's true... a sandwich was finally consumed and we embraced the beauty of the mountains. After about 8 months without his favorite cold cut, he finally gets a sandwich. A few weeks ago, I packed an AWESOME picnic for Thomas and I to share. He had the day off work so we drove all the way up Baseline to Gross Reservoir to have a picnic. It was a beautiful day. We found this little nook in the middle of some rocks and trees...a perfect place to set up the chairs. It was overlooking the reservoir.Thomas began to unpack the lunch and found himself a turkey sandwich! He was so excited! That sandwich was gone in a flash. I enjoyed my PB and J...but really wished I had a turkey sandwich too. Doctor says to stay away from deli meats, unless you heat them up. YUCK! So, PB and J is what I eat a lot these days....or grilled cheese....or just ice cream.

The picnic was fabulous- lots of fun food to eat and a great view...unless my belly is in the way :)A few weeks later, we were off to the mountains for the weekend! We went to Allens Park with Heather, Daniel, Miriam, Deborah, Stephen and Monica. It was good family time... a great view from the cabin, good food shared, and of course movies and games. Staying at the cabin that weekend was quite a retreat and we absolutely loved spending time with our family and relaxing. Thanks Heather!!!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

There she is! Giving the peace sign to all her future friends and family members. That shadowy blob on the left is her flexed foot. Isn't she cute?!

Yesterday I went to get another ultrasound to see if my placenta has moved over. It was in the way of the "exit" at 20 weeks. So, we re checked it and it has moved. This means the exit is no longer blocked :)

It was really fun to see our little crazy baby move around and play. She is definitely an active little gal. She really didn't stop moving the entire time. Whenever we had a good visual on her face, she would quickly cover it with her arm. And she apparently likes to play with her toes...a lot! She's gonna be a mover and a shaker... if she comes out as active as she is in my belly! After the technician got more measurements of bones, heart, head and such, she asked, "are you really due in November?" I said yes and asked why and she proceeded to tell me that our little girl is weighing in at a whopping 6.1 pounds! REALLY!? Albeit, there is a one pound give or take, so she's anywhere from 5.1-7.1 pounds. I'm feeling a little skeptical about that weight... kinda like I'm feeling a little skeptical about my own weight. Scale....Shmale.....who cares!

I'm off to eat a brownie. Lots of love to you all!!!