Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Winter Olympics 2010

To Vancouver they go! I got such a kick out of my Olympic-themed party that I couldn't help but blog about.

To all of you who join me every night slouching on the couch or in bed with your eyes half closed...barely staying awake to watch the last ice skater or bobsled team or super G racer....this is for you. GO USA!!! And GO BOB COSTAS!!!

First invitation included this poem written by me :)

The games are coming to Vancouver this year,
You must come celebrate- for USA we'll cheer!

Watching the snowbarders get wicked air,
We all better find a nice comfy chair.

For all day long we will stare at the tube,
Watching figure skating, ski jumping and the louge.

Cheering so loud for Ono and White,
Exciting winter games we'll watch for 17 nights.

Oh my gosh, I can't hold it in,
I'm just so darn excited for all the golds we will win.

Hearing our anthem play loud and clear,
We will join with our athletes shedding a happy tear.

Oh how the five rings bring a smile to my face,
I just can't wait for speed skating, hockey and the downhill ski race.

So join in the fun and bring your appetite too,
There will be snacks and drinks- it won't be the same without YOU!

Party goers were welcomed with a colorful, homemade sign of the Olympic Rings. Excited yet?

I made an Olympic Word Search...complete with the words Bob Costas, Bobseld and of course, Katin.

You can't have an Olympic party without Gold, thanks to Aunt Donna, we made her delicious and famous sugar cookies. We decorated them with appropriate Olympic things like skiers, hockey sticks, and the word "gold" so you knew what they were :)

C'mon now...what's an Olympic party without a seven layer Hockey Rink???!!! We wanted to make two little hockey players punching each other in the face, but decided to keep it simple...and friendly. Yes, that's Tabasco sauce making the center line.

It's gotta be the cutest darn thing you've ever seen...ants on a log as the bobsled teams. So cute! And there wasn't any discrimination...two man teams are in the mix if you look closely.

Ta daaaaaa!!! The Olympic Cake! Can't get more authentic than that. I know you are singing the song in your head as you look at those beautiful rings. Duuuuuuunnnnnn....duuuunnnn....duunn..dunn...dun dun dun.....
So to all of you Olympic fans out there....keep it's only every four years that you stay up til midnight secretly hoping someone crashes on the downhill course (no injuries though:))

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Play Dates

Katin had a couple of visitors come over and play.

She had a lovely time with her cousin, Miriam...

Who not only shared the toys, but also shared some love...

Katin's Grandma Anne also came to town! "Grandma Camera" as we now call her, loves holding her granddaughter...
We love our visitors! Time to laugh and time to play always makes for a fabulous day!

Monday, February 1, 2010

There's a Man I Know

You know those moments when you finally sit down and your head starts to bob...

That moment when you put your hand on your cheek and it becomes your pillow...

Eyes become heavy...

I just had a moment like that. It's crazy how quickly I can fall asleep these days. No matter where I am or what kind of pillow I have at that very moment, I can just fall asleep. Sometimes I don't though. Because as soon as my little Katin Cutie Pie crashes in her crib, I think to myself....

dishes or nap?

laundry or nap?

cook or nap? (well, I never really think this)

blog or nap?

At this moment, I chose blog. So, here it is. My blog post for today. February 1, 2010.

There's a man I know, his name is Grandpa. He's tall, funny and thoughtful. Every time I see Grandpa he gives me a very strong hug...not some lame wimpy hug that you get from people who think they might break you- or you them. A solid hug. Grandpa is a solid hug giver, and I don't get them enough. And every time I see him he makes me put my hand on the table so he can pat it. It's his special way of saying I love you. I don't get those special I love you pats enough.

Not enough because Grandpa lives far away. Despite the 1600 miles between us, Grandpa seems close today. He seems closer today than ever before because Grandpa is sick. Grandpa is in my prayers all the time, but especially now. Now that he has some fighting to do. And although I want him to win the fight, there's something else I'm praying for. Jesus. I pray that today Jesus will give Grandpa a solid Grandpa hug and that Jesus will give him a special I love you pat. Will Grandpa hug him back? Will Grandpa pat him back? I hope so.

Praying for Grandpa- and quite possibly using my hand as my pillow soon...

Love you all!