Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Room with a View

As many of you know, we were recently away for two weeks.

Well, two weeks is a long time. Long enough to come back and notice we have a new neighbor. A new neighbor that doesn't even pay rent!

You may be thinking, how nice. A new friend. Sure, a new friend. If you think a flying rat makes a good friend.

We don't. We don't like rats and we don't like rats that fly. (Also known as pigeons.)

But, lo and behold, our neighbor sits. And watches. And sits. And watches. And poops. And sits. And poops some more. Oh, and makes this annoying purring sound. Almost like a dreadful cat would make. (small group peeps- shout out to ya'll! You know the sound I'm talking about!) The flying rat does all that. All. On. Our. Balcony.

But who can blame it (not even going to call it a him or her...just it) for wanting to live in such a great location?! With such a nice view?! (I was going to post a picture of our nice view here, but the last few days have been crummy for view pictures.)

A room with a view. Nice. If you're a HUMAN! And you like using your balcony! I never said I'd rent it out to a flying rat! But, it really wasn't causing too much harm.



Little sticks piled up in a nice circle. Ready to, gulp!, lay an egg!? We must get rid of it. Sweep it right off the balcony. So we did. Actually, Thomas did. I was too scared to even step foot on the balcony because of the fact that if I did the flying rat would attack me and start pecking me in the face and clawing at my scalp. Thomas was much better for the job anyway, he has muscles. (yes, you do honey, and they are sexy). Ok, back to the nest. Nest is gone. Nest is destroyed. Not gonna lie, I felt a little bad getting rid of someone's...I mean something's... home, but it needed to be relocated. And soon!

Thought the problem was gone? NOPE! Apparently, flying rats aren't the sharpest bird in the drawer? Our evoked neighbor returned only to, yes, you guessed it, LAY THE EGG!

Seriously, what kind of bird lays an egg on a nothing. It was just an egg sitting there in the middle of our balcony.

Is this a joke? Did Thomas put some sort of Easter decoration out there? Is he serious?!

Not a joke people. Mommy flying rat came back a couple of times with some twigs for baby flying rat. That's what you call a comfy nest? Idiot.

Well, the egg sits. At least the egg doesn't poop or watch or make that annoying purring sound or lay more eggs.

But I'm not ready for discovery channel on our balcony. At least not right now. So...we must do something about this problem. Yes, bird lovers out there, it is a problem. It's a problem because the thought of a flying rat hatching right in front of my very eyes makes me crinkle up my nose in disgust.

What should we do?

Monday, April 12, 2010


I can't believe I've never blogged about this!!! It's hilarious in my mind and could be for many of you. As Katin approaches her 6 month birthday (on the 24th) I have been reminiscing about the day we left for the hospital. Then...after much of my brain skipped over many parts of the day(s)...I started to remember the drive home!

Any other moms out there remember their drive home?

Baby in car seat- sleeping peacefully.

Dad driving- with extra caution.

Mom leaning her head against the window- maybe drifting off.

And for me...

PEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MUST. GO. PEE.

Couldn't hold it any longer.

And definitely couldn't hold it for my long trek up three flights of stairs. (And it was long.) we pulled into Blue Sky Condos I told Thomas to pull over and help me get to the clubhouse bathroom. I was looking my finest. PJ's and a hoodie. Unwashed hair, slippers, and a slight hunch. We strolled in slowly only to find a nice woman to greet us. Or, rather, greet? us.

She was confused. We proceeded to tell her we lived in building 13 and that I couldn't make it home to go to the bathroom so we'd just be on our way to the "public" restrooms they provide.

A friendly nod was what we got.

And relief.

And you wonder if we really left Katin in the car alone...her first time in the car....what cruel parents we are. WRONG! Grandma Camera was our very first babysitter. She was following us home in her rental car and when we pulled over, she hopped in and babysat Katin. Thanks Grandma! You'll always be remembered as our first babysitter.

I made it up the stairs and into bed....the rest is a blur. Is she really going to be 6 months old? What happened to the past 5?

What's your story?

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Well, here are some pictures of our latest trip to California. I felt like I achieved something after flying there and back by myself with Katin. I missed Thomas more than anyone will ever know, so it's good to be back home...where we can be a little family of three again.

Crazy Aunt Donna and Katin- that's the real Pacific Ocean in the background...yes, it was beautiful!

I thought this picture of Katin's cheek was too cute!

We watched a lot of baseball...Harrison is the catcher.

Katin LOVED, I mean, LOVED the doggies! She laughed every time she saw them.

GGMA and GGPA came to say HI.

Harrison was good at making Katin smile.

Momma's Babies...minus me :)

Good times. Good times.