Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dragon Wagon

So after reading Kassie's blog about the local carnival, I had to get over there. I couldn't miss out on the Dragon Wagon or the expensive games or the asphalt so hot you could fry an egg. I just couldn't pass it up. I didn't really have to beg Thomas to go, but I did have to schedule our little outing around the USA World Cup game that turned out to be a disappointment. Was the Dragon Wagon a disappointment??? Not at all!!! Here are a few highlights of the day.

Katin was more than excited to see all the sights. Lots of things to look at and she loved it! Well, she loved it until I took her on the Merry-Go-Round that went abnormally fast. She didn't really like that. She preferred her ride of the day.

I couldn't not put this picture cute!

YEAH! Daddy is taking me to the carnival!!!

We got to meet up with Daniel, Heather and Miriam. Miriam really loved this Elephant ride that she rode all by herself! What a brave girl!

Katin: where is my stroller...I hate this ride!

Miriam played this game where she had to pick up a floating toy and look underneath to see if she was a winner. She picked two and won twice....I think she needs to go to Vegas!

Mommy and Miriam say CHEESE! Those little pink and green things you see in the corner are Miriam's prizes. She chose a gigantic pink Dolphin and a green Alien. Awesome.

And there goes Daniel and Thomas racing down the slide. After this we were all sweating and probably a little burned. Naptime was calling our name! Thanks for a fun day Milburns!

(Not sure why I didn't get a picture of the Dragon Wagon, but it will forever be ingrained in the photo album section of my brain)

Monday, June 14, 2010

Butterflies, Brunch and a Baby Hairbow

This is how I thought of June back in May... June: Dreading it and dreaming of it! Dreading it because it was the month of no hubby. (at least for half of it) Dreaming of it because it was also the month that mom and Becky would arrive for a fun girls' weekend!

Here are some highlights from their visit.

This is the baby hairbow that mom and Becky were obsessed with- they made Katin wear it everyday!

We went to the Butterfly Pavilion- a place my mom has always wanted to explore. Of course, her and Becky held Rosie and wore their "I held Rosie" stickers proudly for the rest of the day.

Off to Brunch on Sunday, but not without that BOW!

We also made it to the Erie Rec Center where Katin got to use her baby float for the first time. She almost liked it as much as she liked looking at all the other people. So fun! No bow, but still so fun!

Thanks Mom and Becky for a great weekend and a nice break to my husband-less month.Maybe you want to come back when Thomas leaves again??? Love you both!

Becky- don't forget to start your Amazing Race Video :) "This book has so many words" "Maybe they had to go out back and kill the chicken to cook our eggs"

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Daddy, I miss you!

10 reasons why I miss Daddy

10. Mommy's bed is never made, so I can't roll around on it as easily.
9. Mommy has strange eating habits- like eating Mac and Cheese from the pot and salad right out of the bag.
8. Mommy doesn't make me laugh like Daddy does, she's just not as goofy.
7. I don't hear the door unlock in the evening and stop everything I'm doing to watch Daddy walk through it.
6. Mommy has to come get me in the morning and she doesn't look so's like she doesn't really want to change my diaper or something.
5. Speaking of diapers- mommy doesn't change the diaper genie and my room is starting to smell.
4. I don't get my daily back of the head rub.
3. When I eat, there is no airplane. In fact, it's all business and no fun!
2. Daddy builds block towers WAY higher than Mommy.
1. The number one reason why I miss Daddy is because I LOVE HIM!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Unlce Martin

My Dad's twin brother, Martin, traveled across the United States to see his two nieces, their hubbies and babies! His first stop was Atlanta where he spent time playing with Callie, touring museums, eating his way through the city and putting in a bigger doggie door.

Next stop was Denver! From puppy to baby...not much difference :) Katin loved her Great Uncle Martin...and boy is he a GREAT uncle. She laughed, smiled and cooed the whole time. (Except for the one time he went and got her from her nap and she about had a conniption fit) Martin was a joy to have around and we miss him already.

We went to Estes Park one day to see the sights and have fudge!

Among our Elk gazing, we had a burger by the creek, fudge for dessert and drove home for a nap! Estes Park was but one of our adventures with Martin. We also went to his favorite restaurant, PF Changs, shot guns, went golfing, had a BBQ with friends and family, ate a sandwich like no other from Salvaggios, and walked the neighborhood.

Next Stop...Bass Lake! See you on the lake, Martin. Can't wait!!!