Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sundays- not just for watching football :)

Today was a great day with the family. I love Sundays! For a few reasons:

1. I get to "sleep in" because Thomas is home when Katin wakes up. He usually leaves around 6am for work and having a break from getting up with Katin at 7 is really wonderful because he does it on the weekends. Added's sleeping in for HIM too!

2. Usually Sundays consist of pancake breakfasts or stopping at starbucks on the way to church. Very different from our ordinary oatmeal and fruit days, so it's rather enjoyable.

3. We get to listen to an awesome sermon from Mike Erre. He always leaves us with a refreshed heart to follow Jesus and stay focused on our "mission".

4. Nap time! I enjoy nap time everyday, but it's particularly fun when I get to cuddle up next to my hubby as we fall asleep to some sporting event. Today it was the Lakers. (yes, mom, we fell asleep during your beloved Lakers....not so with you, I'm sure!)

5. A family outing- today it was a nice stroll down to the beach. It was a chilly day, but beautiful enough to walk on the sand for a bit. Katin always loves finding a new rock, pointing out the birdies, and touching the flowers.

6. Amazing Race! There's nothing like picking a team and cheering for them along the way...and living vicariously through them as I talk about the show with Becky the day after.

(special thanks to photographer Thomas)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


More days!!!! Until new little girl is due to enter the world. I can't believe it. I also can't believe I just counted the days. What have I done!? I better forget that number quickly so I don't dwell on it too long.

It seems like forever away, but it's not even 100...not even 75...days away. And to think...she might come early!?!?! Oh, Katin, you're in for it! (Yea, mommy and daddy are too)

Here's to 55 more days of being a mommy of one. I better relish in this "easy life" and enjoy the simplicity of sippy cups and whole peas. Of store bought milk and walking. Of baby sign language and playing tea party. Oh how these days will quickly change. But don't get me wrong, I'm really excited! If only little baby sister had a name already.

Oh dear, only 55 more days to come up with a name!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Is That a Cow in our Backyard? sure is! Saturday morning rolls around and we wake up to the "moo-ing" sounds of a cow. Three cows actually.

The Elementary School that is our backyard was having a carnival....complete with a "Pooper Bowl". I think it's because she can moo, but Katin's favorite animal is a cow. She LOVES them and really likes finding them in her books. She just moos and moos and moos. So, of course, we had to take her to see the cow in our backyard up close and personal. She had to soak it all in... the smell, the big cow eyes and the munching of hay. It was all very exciting.

We had to celebrate this momentous occasion, so we strolled down to Pines Park for a picnic....complete with Potato Chips and Peas. When we got back home, we (Katin) were sad to see that the cows were gone.

I guess they pooped.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Our Little Snow Bunny

Off to Colorado again! We spend the last 5 days visiting with family and friends in Colorado and it was wonderful! We arrived wearing flip flops, but quickly had to dig out our socks and shoes. But despite the negative temps, we still enjoyed the snow!

Highlights from the trip:
  • Meeting Charles, Deborah's fiance!
  • Seeing little Eve for the first time
  • Hanging out with family
  • Watching it snow
  • Having Daddy pull us around in the sled
  • Swinging in the backyard
  • Playing with Miriam
  • Seeing friends and staying up late catching up
  • Eating at Noodles and Company
  • Playing with Grandma
  • Visiting Calvary
  • Soaking in the beautiful mountain scenery
Needless to say, it was a great trip, as always. We are so thankful to have such a loving family and loyal friends who love us so much. We'll be back in June for the last Milburn family wedding!