Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Lying in a Hammock eating Raspberries

Doc says I'm 17 weeks and 3 days, but books say I'm 18 weeks along.  Either way you look at it, I've got a belly.  A belly that's screaming for stretchy pants and bigger shirts.  But so far all I've really done regarding baby is start a blog, had numerous headaches (which my aunt calls "practice headaches" for when baby is a teenager), no morning sickness, lots of gas, one puke session and I've bought one toy.  It's been easy peasy so far....thank God!  My favorite thing about being pregnant is two fold...one is hearing the heartbeat when we go to the doctor and two is Thomas.  My next visit is June 17 and we will find out then whether our baby...as mom puts it...will pee standing up or sitting down.  Woohoo!!!  When I think about a kid I think about buying it footballs and baseball bats, but my mind soon thinks of hair bows and tea parties.  I think I'd prefer going to baseball games than having pretend tea parties, so hopefully baby...if it's a girl...will be like me!  Most days I'm really excited to be a mom (mostly becuase Thomas will be the dad) but on a rare occasion I FREAK OUT...thinking to myself what the heck am I going to do?!  I have to breastfeed...holy s***t!!  The freak out sessions usually end with thoughts of labor and then I quickly grab some ice cream or a pickle to forget about it all.

Now back to Thomas...  he is pretty much the best thing EVER!  He has been absolutely wonderful!  From making dinner to being patient when I cry over silly things to letting me drive because I get car sick.  He's a great hubby and I seriously thank God for him every day!  Im' not joking when I say that right before I started blogging this entry I was lying in our hammock on our deck watching the sunset and Thomas comes out and says dinner is almost ready and hands me a bowl of raspberries for my appetizer.  Now that's the life!  That's the pregnant life!  Don't you all wish you had Thomas around?!?!?!  

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Becky's Shower

Mom and I flew to Atlanta last weekend to celebrate Becky!!! It was such an amazing time. It was definitely a whirlwind of a trip because it was so fast, but we made the best of it as always. Becky and David picked my up after a bumpy flight at around midnight on Friday (I couldn't miss my last day of school) and then we went right to bed. After getting ready for the shower, it was off to the Library- a really great coffee shop with yummy bagels! We drove, well, Becky drove, for about 2 hours and we reached the celebration spot! It was David's parents house in South Carolina. They live on a lake and I was bummed I didn't bring my bathing suit!!! I'm not sure baby would have liked the jet ski ride, but it looked really inviting.

Lots to eat and drink and people to meet at the shower! It was really fun to get to know some of Becky's future family members. Luckily, mom and I won at the "How well do you know Becky Game". It would have been a little embarrassing if we hadn't. Becky got lots of great gifts and I'm sure she feels very blessed. I loved the shower!!!

As you saw, there are some picture above and I think you can see my growing baby bump in some of the photos. Yippee!!! Hope everyone is doing well. More posts to come soon!


Thursday, May 7, 2009

Heil Valley Ranch...More Like Hurl Valley Ranch

The other day I went on a field trip with my students to Heil Valley Ranch. We took our nature journals, lunches and hiking shoes and started exploring all the scat, prints and wildlife we could find. Well, the bus ride there was a bit bumpy...a lot bumpy actually. I was sitting in the front seat near the window so you'd think I'd be OK. HA! When we finally arrived, I thanked Jesus I was on land again. I felt fine hiking around and laughing with my group of students, especially at the one kid who decided it would be a good idea to taste things along the trail. (I hope he's OK) It wasn't long until baby really decided to tell me bus rides were NOT a good idea. After playing in the creek (pronounced crick around these parts) we ate our lunches and got back on the bus. That's when it all turned upside down...literally. Now, if you're eating or preparing food, or just have a weak stomach, stop reading now. But for those of you who might need a laugh, keep reading. I tried really hard to breathe deep and get some air on the way back to school, but I could just tell I was going to hurl any second. As soon as the bus pulled up, I jolted into my classroom and sat near the trash can and hoped the kids would just go right to recess. They did. After a few minutes of just feeling sick, but nothing happening, I went to the hall to ask my teammate to watch my class when they got back inside. I only made it to "Hey Amanda, will you..." And then it was straight to the garbage from there puking up everything in me. This poor lady who works with me held my hair back and got me water and napkins. It was gross to say the least, but at least she is a mom and has seen worse...I hope... Well, after that, I felt much better. Just needed to get that out of my system and now I know to NEVER ride the bus! So far, baby has taught me these two very important things: Never ride a school bus and never eat hot dogs. We'll see what else is in store! Hope you all have a terrific day! After all that, I know you're thinking...she has the best job ever! I do, I know. It's awesome. As you all were sitting around working, I was on a hike in the mountains with my students...doesn't get much better!

Love to you all!