Friday, October 30, 2009

Katin Anne

Born October 24 at 11:30am

7 pounds 12 ounces

21 inches long


Tuesday, October 20, 2009


I think it's time...

My glow is gone (if I ever had one)

My cheeks are red...all the time

My maternity clothes don't even fit

Not joking- my belly shows in half my shirts

My blood pressure is higher

My fingers are more fat than that other blog I wrote (the one where my fingers were REALLY fat)

My bladder is full all the time- even if I don't drink anything

My waddle isn't exactly runway material

My belly button is missing

My appetite is quite impressive

My phone calls are answered like this: "are you having the baby?!"

My prenatal pills are running low

AND MY BABY is 81/2 pounds!!!

I think it's time. I FEEL fine- I feel great actually. Surprisingly, I have energy and I really enjoy feeling the baby kick and squirm. I enjoy being spoiled by my husband and I enjoy seeing my big belly in the mirror. But, really, I think it's time. (see list above) Maybe she'll come tonight! As cute as she looks in black and white, I just want to see her in color.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mmmmmmm...Mac and Cheese

Nothin like homemade mac and cheese and a super sexy hubby in his cut off "Belichick" hoodie to eat it with.
After watching the food network I quickly logged in and found the recipe I was drooling over as I stared at the TV. The recipe is super easy and you don't really need a lot of ingredients. What mac and cheese recipe does??? The only random thing I had to buy was Nutmeg...guess it's the secret ingredient. Although the recipe called for gyeure (not sure if that's how you spell it) cheese, I substituted it for Monterey Jack...much much cheaper!

So, after I had all the ingredients out on the counter, I began to grate the 12 ounces of cheddar cheese. I just couldn't bring myself to get the already grated just looked so much better as a block. As I sat and grated, my aforementioned sexy hubby helped me with the other steps in his super awesome cut off sleeve Bronco hoodie. He wears is all the time now. I'm scared to wash it cuz he might get mad it's not available to wear.
Needless to say, our mac and cheese was delicious and we've had it for every meal for about three days now. It's a baking pan of never ending goodness! YUM!

If you want to make it too (Chelsea) here is the link:

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Showering of Love

I had some wonderful gals throw me a baby shower last month. Heather, Deborah, Ashlie, Monica and Susan did a great job making sure I was showered with encouragement and love! Everyone there was so kind and generous with their gifts, too. I was so appreciative of everything we got... from the cute girly sleepers to the pack n play. I am really excited to use it all! Hopefully it's soon!
Here I am opening some gifts.

The most exciting part of the whole shower was the weekend. I knew my mom was coming out to celebrate and spend time with us, but I never had any hunch at all that Becky and Jordan would be here too!!! What a great surprise!!! Becky showed up at our door Friday morning bright and early just in time to come with us to our refinancing appointment...hahaha. We spent the rest of the morning at a coffee shop talking with her and waiting to pick up mom. Well, we show up at the airport and Jordan is standing
at the curb...not my mom! I thought, "Could it reallt be Jordan? It is!" Then my m
om popped out of her hiding place and we all crammed into the car. The weekend was full of laughing, ice cream, John's Restaurant, comfy beds, the concierge lounge and of course great company. Our girls weekend was one I will never forget. Thanks Mom, Becky and Jordan for making that weekend so memorable!!!

Here are the gals who surprised me! Becky, Jordan, Mom.

Also, just a side note...Thomas and I went to the doctor today and saw our baby! She looks really cute, albeit, in black and white, but we got to see her mouth open and her eyes blinking. She has adorable little hands and feet, but I would be lying if I wasn't a little nervous. SHE'S 8 POUNDS!!!!! Maybe she will run out of room and just decide to come meet us tonight! YIKES!