Monday, November 29, 2010

My little Family

(yep, I'm about to do an acrostic poem...I guess I miss teaching)

F- Fun to be around and make silly faces with.
A- A+ for effort. Being a mommy and a daddy come with days of failure, forgiveness and fictory (I had to stick with f's)
M- Mini Milburn (Katin) is almost walking, saying please, eating mushrooms (gross!) and loving the ocean.
I- I have to say... Thomas is the greatest, most loving, forgiving, diaper changing, bath giving, foot rubbing, joke telling, husband, man and prayer warrior I'll ever know.
L- Love fills the air...well, most of the time. Sometimes the air is filled with farts, whining, macaroni and cheese or all of the above.
Y- Young love- starts with friendship, CU football, walks in the park, an elf hat, a beach wedding, a condo, family game nights, family visiting, snow camping and a baby.

Oh how I love my little family.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanksgiving in Huntington

On Sunday we took a trip up to Huntington Beach to spend time with the Williams family for an early Thanksgiving celebration. We had the works! Katin's favorite were the sweet potatoes. No pictures of the actual meal and whole family, but we snapped a few while we were outside checking out the boats in the harbor.

I know, cutest outfit ever! Aunt Cindy gave that to us when she was born and I've been waiting patiently to have her wear it!

Grandpa and Grandma Williams in their new backyard

I'm so thankful for my family! Especially my husband who loves us no matter what and will do anything to keep us all going...

And here is Lucky the starfish. Her friend Star the starfish was missing. They are my mom and Doug's new "pets".

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Views We're Getting Used To

It's been quite a change of weather moving from Colorado to California, but the sunsets will forever be gorgeous in both places. Yes, I think we'll miss the snow. And yes, I think we'll miss the mountain view. And yes, I think we'll miss the colorful Colorado seasons, but for now we're enjoying our new views. Ones that anyone could get used to. It's been a blessing living here seeing the ocean each day and getting a whiff of that salty sea air.

Balcony View

Living Room View

Friday, November 12, 2010


Last weekend we got to fly to Colorado for Susan's surprise party! It was so fun to see the family and get together with them for food, fun and photos. These are some pics from the Milburn family photo shoot. Happy Birthday Susan!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Ahhhh....a little taste of Boulder

That's right, I got a little taste of Boulder right here in San Diego! We found the one and only Noodles and Company. I can't even tell you how excited I was about the difficult decision of what Noodle Bowl to get. It took a while, but I settled on one of my favs...Pesto Cavatappi complete with chicken, flat bread and a drink. And who goes to Noodles without eating a rice crispy treat afterward?!

It. Was. Wonderful. I felt like I could look out the window and see the flatirons, but all I saw was traffic. I felt like I could just stay there all day eating Noodle bowl after Noodle bowl, but Katin was with us.

Thanks Mom, Jordan and Aunt Donna! It was a magical adventure. Happy Birthday Donna!!!

Well, Noodles and Company in San Diego....I'm sure I'll be seeing you again real soon. And next time it's Japanese Pan Noodles for me!

Monday, November 1, 2010



So I must admit, Halloween isn't our favorite holiday around here. It's just OK. But we'll join in the fun even if we feel like the Halloween Grinches.

Despite our lack of Halloween spirit, we did get Katin all dressed up and we did pass out candy with a smile on our face to 164 trick-or-treaters but we did turn out the light at 8:48 so we could go watch Amazing Race.

After dressing up Katin in her ballerina outfit (thanks to Katie for the tutu) we headed out down the street to meet our new neighbors. We hadn't met them yet, only the ones right next door, so we decided to use Halloween to go and meet everyone on the block. It was great! Almost everyone invited us into their home to chat and of course they all wanted to meet our little ballerina.

I'm glad we went and met our neighbors. I have a tea date with Eileen this week :)

Oh, I can't publish this post without a few Halloween pictures! Enjoy!

Now it's time to let the pumpkins rot, put away those scary teeth and get jazzed for Turkey, jello salad, football and family! (I guess we can start getting excited about all that Christmas stuff that is filling the isles too)