Monday, August 29, 2011

Angels at the Angels

Yes, my little angels came with us to their first ever Angel game! It was a beautiful Sunday afternoon with mommy, daddy and Grandpa Mustache. The girls loved it! Well, I might guess Aubrey thought it was a little slow due to the fact that she slept most of the game. But Katin thought it was so cool! She couldn't get enough of the folding seats and the cool cup holders and fireworks after each of the THREE home-runs we saw! She's been to a few baseball games in her short life. Her uncle Harrison plays at Laguna Beach High School. We've cheered many times for him and it was no surprise to me that she thought her uncle Harrison was out on that major league field. With lots of cheers for "Hu" (Harrison) and imitations of throwing the baseball back to the pitcher (he plays catcher) we couldn't help but day, Harrison...maybe one day you'll be out there catching for the Angels. But if you're not...Katin will always think you are :)

Go Angels!

Angels won and we made it through the 7th inning stretch!


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

22 Months

You are 22 months old today, Katin! We love you so much! I look forward to elaborating on this post when you are two. Until are some highlights :)

*you have some hair on your head
*mommy's sleep pants
*story time
*helping with Aubrey- specifically getting an "Aubrey-sized diaper"
*playing with the doggies
*saying new words like "ampa" for Grandpa
*many many beach days- where you like to lay in the sand
*blowing bubbles in the bath and at the pool
*blowing your nose! (too many colds to NOT learn this skill)
*loving food! from salmon to peas, from broccoli to bananas
*making new friends
*sharing with your new friends
*puzzles with mommy
*long walks in the stroller (mostly when you start to drive me crazy)
*your cutest little smile
*going poopoo on the potty...which you LOVE to do it's kinda scary!
*Grandma lipstick- highlight of your day when you get to see her!
*lack of teeth- i'm wondering when you'll get 'em!
*you're a smarty pants, momma's girl, who loves to make sure everything is in it's place
*you're gentle with your sister and LOVES giving away kisses
*you're always on the go, always on the move, always doing something with purpose
*you love your play kitchen, your room full of books, your little people and your many many puzzles.
*bathtime with daddy
*climbing- on the bed, on stairs, up slides, into Aubrey's chair.... word pretty much sums you up-


Non stop action, non-stop fun! Thanks for making me laugh every day!

Monday, August 15, 2011

"We're Two of a Kind...

workin' on a full house..."

"yea, we're two of a kind workin' on a full house" -Garth Brooks

Monday, August 8, 2011

For my Friend, Brody

As I was looking through the pictures of our weekend filled with sand and sun, I came across a number of pictures that featured Brody. He's quite the character! I'm glad we captured some of these silly moments.

I mean, it is his birthday....what better way to celebrate than to dedicate a blog post to this cute red-headed stud!?

Who Katin really grew fond of :)

Despite the attempt to bury her...

And despite the invasion of her personal bubble :)

Wishing Brody a very Happy 3rd Birthday!

Come back soon, Brody...the sun and sand awaits!

wanna see more moments with Brody...go here!