Monday, November 28, 2011

Mommy's Major Mishap Monday- Chocolate Encounter

It's awfully sad that I didn't capture this moment with a picture, but use your imagination to visualize what this might have looked like...

Turkey Day...2011

Katin has her very own seat at the table. Big girl, you know! Each table setting had a little foil wrapped chocolate leaf. After eating, and chatting, and then eating some more I looked to see Katin unwrapping a collection of leaves. She loved unwrapping them and I thought that's all she was going to do until I saw her slowly put the milk chocolate leaf to her mouth.

I watched.

She stared at me.

She stuck her little tongue out and licked that leaf while looking at me with those mischievous little eyes.

And I let her!

And she licked. And licked. And licked. And licked.

She loved that leaf. And now there were 5 or so unwrapped just sitting in front of her waiting for her chocolaty fingers to pick up another.

But one was enough. Her face and hands proved it. Her first chocolate experience was, well, good. I don't think there will be another one anytime soon. Unless Grandma has anything to do with it.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Mommy's Major Mishap Monday- No Room For Toys

Another Birthday Party...another mishap...

We walked into a somewhat crowded room of birthday party goers with a present in hand. Katin and I proceeded to find the birthday boy and his mom so she could hand him his gift. She was so excited to give it to him and have him open it because we had wrapped it she knew what it was and probably wanted to play with it.

We found them.

Right in the middle of all the other birthday party goers.

Let the mishap begin...

"Hi Birthday Boy! Here is your present." (Katin gives present to birthday boy)
" must have missed the email I sent earlier." (sorrowful look on face)
"Ummm....maybe, what did it say?" (feeling like all eyes were on me)
"We just decided that instead of bringing birthday boy presents that people could donate some money to my friend who has CANCER and will be going through CHEMO." (more sorrow on face)

Oh yea. That email. Nope. Didn't get it.

Kinda embarrassing. Right? Luckily Katin has no clue what's really going on and that mommy is totally hunched over trying to crawl into a little mouse hole. She proceeded to have a terrific always with this particular birthday boy friend. And I must say...I like the idea so much I might just copy it! (Instead of a pile of gifts, bring money to donate to a good cause) Genius! Especially for those of us who have NO MORE ROOM FOR TOYS!

OK, time to clean out a toy bin......

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

We Heart Daddy

our daddy...

loves us to pieces
and likes to eat recees

takes us for walks
at night we have good talks

feeds me good food
is always in a good mood

is so good at making us smile
he even plays "cook" for quite a while

prays with us at night
he holds us oh so tight

takes us to the beach to play
even brings us out into the waves

gives away lots of hugs and kisses
gives mommy even she wishes

best daddy in the world
we are two very lucky girls

my daddy is so cool
everyday he uses a tool
arm wrestling...ha...he could take you to school
i really like to drool

i adore my awesome dad
he's such a crazy bearded lad
makes me laugh when i am mad
he couldn't be any more rad
best hug i've ever had

Monday, November 14, 2011

Mommy's Major Mishap Monday

Hello again...

And hello to another major mishap. This one's good.

It happened just a few months ago (granted these happen to me pretty much daily) and Katin and I were getting ready for a birthday party. It was a warm Saturday morning and one of those mornings where you wonder why you even got up...everything seemed to rub me the wrong way. Didn't matter though because we were headed for a party. I knew exactly what I wanted Katin to wear. If you've read my blog before or seen any pictures of my girls you know that I'm not one to put them in dresses. But this, my friends, was a birthday party. And this called for a party dress.

Dress falls perfectly. Hair bows in place. Party shoes on her feet. Present in hand. Despite my not-so-good attitude we were ready to party!

Thomas and Aubrey wouldn't be joining us due to the common cold, so it was just Katin and I off and away in the mini van.

And so we arrived. And so begins my embarrassing moment!

Of course we weren't exactly on time. And it was eyebrow raising to me that there was lots of parking in front of the house. And no one was outside. It was a sunny day. There was no pinata, no kids, no bounce house, no people! Well, except the DAD of the child who just so happened to pull up as we were knocking on the front door. (Seriously, why did we even knock...obviously nothing was happening) He was just getting back from surfing. OK, clue number 5,000....the dad would probably be at the party and NOT surfing.

I humbly walked up to him and said "Katin and I are here for the party...a day early. We were just too excited we couldn't wait any longer."

He chuckled and said to come back tomorrow. With my head down we got back in our van and headed home.

And Thomas...boy did he get a laugh out of this one after we walked back through the door only 15 minutes later. Shaking his head he hugged me and said...I love you sweetie.

Just a little mishap really. Nothing big... all dressed up in our party attire, Katin ready to jump around in the bouncy house and who do we have to face....the DAD! We did end up going back the next day despite my desire to stay home where there was going to be no mention of showing up to a party a day early. But we had a good time and Katin jumped her morning away...

With all the mishaps that have and will happen...I know you'll love me no matter what....
I love being your mommy, Katin!

Monday, November 7, 2011

Mommy's Major Mishap Monday

So I like alliterations. Whenever my students would use them I'd smile. They're just always amazingly awesome. There's really no better title for my new weekly blogging adventure.

I'm a mommy who happens to make major mistakes....and I'll write about them on Mondays.

This one, fancy enough, happened to happen today. It's called: Diving through the Doggie Door

Off we went, my mom and I, with both girls in tow. Where else would we be heading other than Chick fil A? It was going so smoothly, the pleasant car ride, the nuggets, the sweet tea. On our way then to the park.

Then we got home.

We were locked out.

The house where I reside would NOT be a good place to try and break in. It's virtually ADT'd without the monthly cost. Two barking dogs, doors all dead bolt locked, window screens facing the wrong direction and a garage door that requires a special garage door opener. It was quickly that I realized this could be bad and I might have to husband! At work! (Which is never really a good idea unless I'm going into labor) Turns out I didn't have to call him. Because...

We have a doggie door! Do I fit through it? No way! Does Katin? Heck yes!

She followed directions really well actually. I told her to climb through the doggie door, go around the couch and open this door for mommy. She did it without a glitch. So proud of her!

But there she stood...blank faced....looking a bit worried. "How do you want me to open this door, mom? There's a dead bolt lock and I can't reach it" was what her face was saying. So there we stood. Me, my mom and Aubrey on the outside of the house while Katin was stuck on the inside. Not for long though because when I told her to climb back through the doggie door and come back out with mommy she pleasantly obliged. I'm pretty sure she thought climbing through the doggie door was totally terrific.

So my mishap- sending Katin through the doggie door only to be locked INSIDE as we stood OUTSIDE. Or may it was FORGETTING my house key! Or maybe it was just leaving the house altogether...

Look out for this girl....climbing through your doggie doors!

oh yea, thanks to Angie...the neighbors actually have a key to our house. so if you DO want to break in just kindly ask the neighbors for their extra key and yes, I also think it's time for a bigger doggie door! :)