Monday, April 23, 2012

Conversations with Katin

Katin is talking.  A lot!  The only time she's really quiet is when she's sleeping or eating.  But even then, she gets in a word or two.  I've come to enjoy my conversations with her these days.  Like our "5 talks" at bedtime.  Or when we talk about what we did at BSF in the car.  Or our chats about her school days ahead while we look out the window into the schoolyard full of kids.

I had to let you know what she was telling me the other day.

As we looked out the window into the schoolyard she told me all about her soon to be school days.

"Me go to school.  All by myself.  No mommy.  No daddy.  No Aubrey.  All by myself.  Bring backpack too."

"Oh yea, you're going to bring a backpack, huh?  What color?"

"Pink.  Match pants."

"What are you going to put in your backpack for school?"

"Ummm... (she really says ummm) juice.  Gum.  Green gum.  Black pants."

"Sounds good, Katin.  Sounds good."

If you know my daughter, you know about the black pants.  They don't leave the house.  But apparently she's going to take them to school.  Along with gum.  And juice.  All of which I believe are not allowed.

I love my conversations with Katin.  :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Aubrey is ONE!!!

Happy Birthday to Aubrey Susan!
April 12

We had a great time celebrating Aubrey's first birthday with family. I can't believe she's already ONE!!! It seems like yesterday I was sitting on the couch next to my mom as she recorded every contraction while I told her I wasn't in labor and that I just wanted to go to lunch.

The little party was fun. The best part was the ball pit my mom made. It kept the girls contained and entertained at the same time...winner! After burgers and the works we opened a few GREAT gifts (including a ride on ladybug, a giant school bus, a very loved carton of eggs, sing a long songs and cute new shoes) and then headed over to the cupcake table. Katin waited very patiently for this part. She was so excited to sing to her sister and eat a cupcake :) Thanks Aunt Donna and Uncle Steve for hosting such a fun little one year old party! LOVE YOU!

Aubrey's Favorites:
being sung to
listening to music
playing with things that make noise
looking out the window
walking in her car
being thrown in the air by daddy
her gray sleep pants (inherited from her sister)
big bites of food
water in a cup with a straw only
food in general
bath time- specifically splashing with her sister
walking along the furniture
being tickled
throwing her head back when she's sitting up on our bed
"helping" her sister build puzzles
the dogs
her grandpa and grandma Anthony
her papa fish and grandma lipstick
her papa and grandma Milburn
playing ball
chasing the ball
"cooking" in the play kitchen
looking at touch and feel books
listening to daddy read books
little people
dumping stuff out then putting in in a box or basket or bucket or daddy's shoe
taking off her socks
car rides
walks in the stroller
the beach
going down the small slide at Pines Park
screaming like a Teradactal (sp?)
playing peek-a-boo
giving kisses (mouth open of course)
chew on anything
wave hello and goodbye
being loved by mommy and daddy and big siser

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Easter Weekend

Mom- Katin, what do we get to do today?
Katin- EGG HUNT!
Mom- Why are we going on an egg hunt?
Katin- To celebrate!
Mom- What are we celebrating?
Katin- Jesus coming out grave!
Mom- That's right. And what better way to celebrate than hunt for eggs?!?!?!?!?!

Not only did we go on an egg hunt, but we also spent time with LOTS of family! Thomas and I are so thankful for our family out here because everyone is very easy going and understands that family is family no matter what. And no matter what, we will always love each other. I'm not sure I've met another family who does it much better :)

Highlights from the weekend include:

The Egg Hunt- there may still be eggs hiding in the couch

The egg coloring- which I had to let go of total control because apparently when you dye eggs with my daughter (maybe most two year olds) each egg goes in each color or else it's not quite right.

Mom didn't know what was coming....brown eggs! HA!

A new bubble gun- so cool!

Time with Aunt Donna- you know, the usual....playing with chalk, eating pancakes, bothering Timber.

Hanging with Cousin Evan- I know...blogger taboo a blurry picture, but clearly I was the photographer, not Thomas and clearly it is one of the most adorable smiles Katin has ever smiled!

Oh, I wouldn't want to forget the "Chocolate Chip Cookies". Betty CROCKer punk'd us!

And one tired little sweet!

I can't forget to include the attempt at a photo of our girls in their matching dresses...

Monday, April 9, 2012


This is how we found Katin the other night.
This is why we go in and check on the girls before we go to bed.
Oh Katin!

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dinner Time!

Our girls are eaters. They are very serious about their meal times. During meal time, I can't say they are always serious. But they are serious eaters nonetheless...

Occasionally Thomas and I will feed the girls their dinner and then eat a quiet meal by ourselves or with other friends after they go to bed. I highly recommend it!

A few snapshots of dinner the other night....the four-legged, salivating, long-eared, never-get-enough-food, dogs were right on Que!

Food Please!!!

Yea, food please!!! A little crumb on the floor would be mighty nice :)


Silly girls...gotta love em! Here's to many more yummy dinners....hmmm... what should I make tonight?