Monday, July 30, 2012

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Happy Birthday Kristen!

Today is Kristen’s 30th Birthday so I have high jacked her blog to wish her a happy birthday. One of the reasons I love my wife is because she is so modest. She is modest in what she wears, what she says, and especially modest about telling anyone how much she does! So, I am more than happy to share with her blogging world 30 reasons why I ADORE my wife Kristen.

1.  She is Gorgeous!  - (Yes this is number one. Some people say looks don’t count but if we’re honest we know that if this wasn’t number one then we would never have found out what number 2-30 is.) But seriously, Kristen you are stunning! You are more beautiful today as a mother of two than when I first met you ten years ago.

2.  She loves Jesus – I am so thankful that you have a relationship with God that has orchestrated a gentle and passionate heart for the hard to love, for the misfits, and the underdogs of this world. Thank you!

3. She is Generous- Kristen does a wonderful job giving others her time and resources. Kristen has taught me to have a loose grip on my time and finances in order to be generous with them.  Thank you!

4. She lives simply- I can always think of ten things to spend money on and Kristen always reels me in. She can always live with less things and teaches me to be happy not to have. Thank you!

5. She is an intentional mom- Kristen makes all the time she has with the girls intentional. As easy as it is for me to put the kids in front of special agent oso, she fills her days with puzzles, books, shape sorters, outside activities, play dates, and experiences. Thank you incredible amount of energy it takes to be intentional!

6. She pays all the bills- It is simply a luxury to hand over a check to Kristen and know that all the bills will be paid on time. Thank you for being financially savvy!

7. She is Motivated- When there is a task to get done, a trip to pack for or and job to do Kristen is on top of it! I might lay around for a few days and take a nap but Kristen is go go go until it is complete. Thank you for having a great drive!

8. She is Creative- Kristen not only creates amazing memory books of our girls but she creates new games and activities, fun date nights, and so much more. The girls and I love all the things you have made for us, Thank you!

9. She is Smart- Some of you might think that Kristen went to the Univeristy of Colorado for a Ms. Degree but she actually has her M.A. in Education and a B.A. in Spanish. Thank you for being so much smarter than me!

10. She is Adventurous- Kristen has an adventurous spirit (which is probably why she wants to be on the Amazing Race with her sister Becky so bad). She skies (water and snow), snowboards, backpacks, snowshoes, shoots guns, snow caves, climbs, canoes, went in a helicopter, and raises two kids! She lived in Spain, traveled parts of Europe, and built houses in Mexico. Thank you for loving life!

11. She is Loves Family- Kristen loves being with all her family. She loves family dinners with her parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, cousins, and all her Millburn in-laws. Thank you for loving our your big and extended family so much!

12. She is a Teacher- Kristen loves to teach kids new things. She loves to make activities at home or the beach a time for our girls to learn. She takes the time to teach me the things I’ve missed while I was at work and how to be a better Dad. I know that she misses her classroom at school but for now we get Mrs. Milburn all to ourselves. Thank you for teaching us new things!

13. She is Empathetic- Not only does she sympathize with people but Kristen moves that emotion into action and is empathetic. She has the ability to see needs in her community, friends and family and takes action to help what hurts. Thank you for loving others!

14. She is Merciful- Kristen has a God given ability to forgive. I can’t tell you how many times I have blown it and how many times she forgives me. Kristen does not harbor resentments or unforgiveness but extend grace to me and others. Thank you for teaching me what God’s love is like!

15. She is a loyal friend- I don’t have to tell you how great of a friend she is, that’s probably why you read her blog. Thank you for being my BFF!

16. She is Organized- Everything would be lost if it wasn’t for Kristen’s organization skills. The girls and I say, “um, babe, I’m going to Canada tomorrow do you know where my passport is?”, “Mommy, I missing a puzzle piece”, Kristen replies, “it right over here”. Thank you for keeping us together!

17. She is Funny- Kristen can make me laugh whenever she wants. Her silliness brings a huge grin to my face. Thank you for your laughter.

18. She puts others first- Day in and day out Kristen puts her wants and desires behind the girls and my wants and desires. She has one of the largest hearts for others that I have ever known. I am so thankful for your servant’s heart!

19. She is a great Listener- The reason Kristen is such a great listener is because she cares about the person talking. She is fully present in conversation and not distracted with ten other priorities or even the next task on her schedule. Her listening ear demonstrates her compassionate heart. Thank you for being the one I confide in!

20. She is Fun- Katin and Aubrey have only begun to know the fun their mommy brings to the party! If you have ever been on a loooonnnngggg road trip with Kristen then you will know she can take any opportunity and make it a favorite memory. Thank you for spicing up the Milburns!

21. She is Athletic- I love that few people know that Kristen played soccer for the University of Colorado. (Go Buffs) She continues to play any sport she can get her hands or feet on. Soccer, volleyball, kickball, broomball, ultimate, and even smashball. She is always game for some games! Thank you for our future athletes!

22. She loves sports- One of the first times I asked Kristen to hang out she responded, “Sure, but is it ok if we watch college game day and the buff game later today”? um yes! And will you bear my children?! She continues to sit and watch the Buffs, Broncos, Lakers, Angels, and any Sunday afternoon golf tournament with me. Thank you for enjoying sports as much as I do!

23. She enjoys food- I am so thankful my wife likes to eat because I like to cook. Thank you for not having a side salad four times a week and a crisp glass of water for dessert! Here’s to another 30 years of incredible food and dessert!

24. She is hospitable- We have had quite a few visitors these past two years and all have noticed Kristen’s hospitality. She always has a fridge full of drinks and snacks for anyone who is stopping in. Kristen makes others feel at home in our home. Thank you for making our home a place others want to be.

25. She does all the laundry- I have never once asked Kristen to do any laundry and I have never needed a clean shirt. She is so faithful in doing the no fun job of cleaning the clothes and linens. Thank you for serving the family again and again. It never goes unnoticed.

26. She loves game night- Pictionary, Scrabble, scattergories, Cranium, Dum Rum, or any other game you could possibly bring over Kristen is ready to play (and win). More than movies, shopping, or clubbin’ Kristen loves having family and friends around the table to play some games. Thank you for being so community oriented!

27. She is comfortable in her own skin- I have never heard Kristen wish she was someone or somewhere else. She is confident in who she is. Thank you for teaching me to be more comfortable with who I am!

28. She has a small makeup drawer- When Kristen needs to get fancy and all dressed up she throws on her mascara and Jergens. I am the luckiest man in the world to be married to such a simple and beautiful woman. Thank you for keeping it simple!

29. She is Honest- Kristen is the most honest person I know. There is no seed of deceit or falsity in her. She is never trying to get away with something or hide anything from people. She is honest about her thoughts, feelings and criticisms. Thank you for having a pure heart!

30. She makes me a better husband- In all that she is and all that she does, I am forever indebted to her for making me a better man. She teaches me more about life, God and Character than I would have ever known alone. Thank you for investing into me!

After reading this list you’re probably asking yourself two things. One, “how bad is Thomas’s grammer! Did he even finish middle school?” And two, “Kristen sure does a lot, does Thomas do anything”? So to answer your curiosity, yes I went to middle school; all five years and it’s not as easy as it sounds being a trophy husband!

I love you Kristen, Happy 30th Birthday!

Thursday, July 26, 2012


Every summer since I was 7 my dad has taken me camping at Bass Lake.  It's a pine tree surrounded lake up near Yosemite.  And since the start of this tradition I have only missed two summers!  One when Thomas and I got married...we had "better" things to do.  And two right after I had Aubrey.  I guess you could say we had "better" things to do then too.  Anyway, I have really grown to love this tradition and I hope there are still many more Bass Lake summers ahead.  Even though the lake seems a bit more crowded these days and the people who join us vary each year...a few things will always stay the same.  My dad will always be there.  I will fulfill my s'more quota for the year.  And the smell will always cause me to close my eyes and thank God for nature, family and friends.  Oh...and until I can't no more (good english) I will always.  Always.  Always. go for at least one ski run.

This summer was no different.  The smell, the ski runs, the s'mores, the dad!  It was all so good!  And the best part was that we got to camp with 16 other people!  It was a big year for guest campers.  It was a blast!  Katin and Aubrey did an amazing job adapting to dirt life.  The loved it!  And I accepted very quickly that the lake would be their way of getting "clean" for the next few days.  And mine too.  There are so many highlights from this year that you'll have to take a gander at the photos.  But here are a few things that made the top of my list:
*sleeping with Thomas on an air mattress that folded up like a taco each night- really, it was so fun to cuddle!
*smelling like campfire
*watching Katin drive the sea-doo
*going on a tube ride with the whole family (Katin called it a couch- see why below)
*learning how to make a more aggressive cut while skiing (Thanks Martin!)
*fudge bucket anyone?!
*napping in a hammock

Enjoy the pics!  And let me know if you want to join us next time!!!  All are welcome :)

Monday, July 23, 2012


I decided to donate my hair to Pantene Beautiful Lengths.  It was very exciting and I didn't have any reservations.  Now that my hair is really short I love my stubby ponytail miss my long hair and hope that it grows back quickly.  I know there are pros and cons to both long and short hair.  I'm trying to figure out which is better.  Which do you prefer???

At least someone will get some good hair out of this...with only a few grays!  :)

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

My Little Brother Graduated

It's true.  Harrison is a Laguna Beach High School graduate.  I know for most of you he's just the happy little baby zooming down the hallway on his car. (too early in the morning)  But now he's all grown up and off to college!  He made it through zooming down those halls waking us up to being dragged to every single soccer game to welcoming us home from Colorado with excitement to visiting us in Erie/Atlanta all by himself to walking across the stage hearing nothing but extremely loud screams from his two big sisters.  He made it!  And his journey has yet to begin.  Because you see...he's going to be a BUFFALO!!!!  WOOHOO!!!

So if you see a handsome young lad roaming the streets of Boulder most likely with a Salvaggios sandwich in hand and a little girl named Katin tugging on his shirt...say hello!  He's the most committed, determined, focused, intelligent, caring, compassionate young man you'll ever meet.  Just don't get between him and his Salvaggios...

We love you Harry!!!

 Best part of the whole day was seeing all the graduates being escorted to the graduation site in town.  Harrison spotted us right away...maybe it was the sign?

 Proud Parents

Proud Grandparents

Proud Big Sisters

Proud Big sisters screaming

Class of 2012

Thursday, July 5, 2012


Get your twang on.  Get that low, grunty, twang on and repeat after me:


Hop you all had an explosive fourth of July!  As Thomas and I were watching the fireworks last night, we  were both reminded of how fortunate we are to live in America.  How blessed we are to have the freedoms we have.  We are especially thankful for the following things:

1.  Our Military- especially Eric Pittman, Rob Bucknam, Blake Bucknam, Rane Roweder, Abe, and the random Army guy we met at Gina's the other night with his family.  He will be leaving for Afghanistan in two weeks.  Thank you!
2.  Our safety- our heads approach the pillow without worry of what the night may bring
3.  Our Faith- which cannot be shaken

How does living in America make you thankful?

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Last weekend we had a little mini stay-cation.  Staying at mom and Doug's house is like going out of town for a few days....even though we're still "in town".  I think it's the view- there's just something about it that makes you take a deep breath, close your eyes and thank God for His many blessings.  Katin, on the other hand, thinks it's like a vacation because she gets to ride the free Trolley around town.  Last weekend she got to ride it to dinner.  You'll see remnants of it on her face :)  

Can't wait for another stay-cation at Grandma and Grandpa's house! 

Waiting for the bus

Riding the bus

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Mini Kinney's Shower

What a treat it was to have my sweet sister Becky here for an entire WEEK!  Her and David came out for Harrison's graduation (a whole other post in itself) and while they were here we threw a little baby shower for mini kinney...complete with shower games, hot tamales, and chick fil a nuggets.  I think she felt very loved and celebrated.  We are all so thrilled to meet this little girl in October!  Love you sister!!!

 Does anyone know why my picture got turned during upload?

 Monthly Onesies- So cute and SO Becky!  Look for mini Kinney featured in these on facebook soon.

 Besties (I've always wanted to use this word)

 "She's gonna be a soccer player."

 One of my favorite gifts she got!  Go Buffs!

 Again, why?!  Just gotta turn your head.  It was cute how Katin helped hand her the gifts.

"I can't wait to meet my little cousin!!!"