Saturday, September 29, 2012

Cute Cousins

We got to spend all day with cousin Miriam and cousin Eve.  It was awesome!  Despite a few reminders at the beginning of the day about important things like how to take turns and say please and thank you and how Thomas is the one in charge we managed well.  The girls did great!  I really think they loved having each other around.  Aubrey had a new girl her own size to blab with and Katin had someone who actually spoke more words than she did in a mere minute.  It was perfect!  And so was the weather.  So after a time of indoor playing with trains and blocks we ventured out to a new park for a picnic lunch.  And I must say that in this short time together my heart grew even more fond of three things:  my nieces, my husband and my mini van!

Enjoy the pics...they are seriously so cute!  And can you tell they are all Milburns???!!!

 A little rest before our big outing- and my expression is so thoughtful because at that moment I was wondering where in the world Miriam's shoes ended up.  (not in the freezer- another post on that later)

 Off we go!!!

Many more days filled with cousins ahead!  Watch out boys!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012


This past weekend my mom, Katin and I flew to Atlanta to celebrate my dear sister!  (and her baby and her hubby)  It was so fun!  We went to some fun restaurants, unique to Atlanta, and my mom even ordered shrimp n grits in true southern fashion.  And in between grits and football and indoor legoland and Callie and BBQ's and walks in the neighborhood and visiting the park and meeting friends and family and riding on MARTA (Katin's favorite ride) we actually attended a beautiful baby shower.  It was so wonderfully decorated!  The food was great and Becky got some really useful baby stuff.  It was so sweet and I really enjoyed talking with her Atlanta friends (who, yes, all have southern accents).  We had a wonderful time and it's only a matter of days now til I get to return to actually meet Mini Kinney!!!  Love you sis!  You're going to be a great mom.  In fact, here is a second grade homework assignment acrostic poem to prove it!

B- Belief in Jesus which I'm sure you'll share with your sweet baby girl!
E- Encouraging- you are so good at letting people know that they are awesome!  You're going to to nothing less with your own child!
C- Caring- I know you're going to do anything necessary to make sure your baby is well taken care of.
K- Kinesthetic- you are always on the move and I know your little one will also love being outside and trying new things like, oh, four wheeling in Costa Rica!
Y- "Yintentional"- (I really wanted to use the word intentional)- You are so purposeful in all you do and I know you will do the same with baby- whether it's building legos (you're great at that!) or preparing a healthy meal.

Let's be honest though, you're going to be a great mom because you HAVE a great mom!  

More trip pics....
 Got my ticket mom!

 Yes, those are her black pants- they made the trek...

 Legoland Atlanta!

 Her favorite ride at Legoland- I think she went on it 6 times.

 One of four diaper cakes at the shower!

 Fruit Baby

 Not intended for play, but my two year old thought it was a great toy!

 Laguna Beach Onesie :)

 Fun weekend Becky!  Thanks for making more memories :)

Sunday, September 9, 2012

For Mom

Because shes the one who requested a blog update. Thanks for reading!!!  And for missing these cute faces!!  Can't wait to head over to Atlanta with you!!!

Ok, so here is a bit about what we've been up to here in CO.

Things we have loved:
-Fall weather approaching
-Playing with cousins
-Face time with Grandma and Grandpa
-The park
-The pool
-The open space
-Harrison lives here!
-Reconnecting with old friends
-Remembering to pray for our friends we had to say goodbye to
-Each other!  The girls keep us smiling in the midst of missing family and friends.  And Thomas keeps me running which is something I've grown to love.  And I (think) I keep Thomas fed well....I've been meal planning people!  It's crazy!

These pics are from when Uncle Harry moved into Buckinham!  We love having him here!!!
Trip to MuGuckin Hardware

Proud Parents

And a little fun at the fountains

Hanging with Grandpa Fish

And these pictures are just a few recent ones that I know you'll love mom!  (And anyone else checking out the blog these days :) )
Reading with Daddy

 Bath Time 

HI Aubrey!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I mentioned that we LOVE having uncle Harry here?!?!

Puzzle Time

Love the Colorado sunshine!

Loving the Park

Daddy's Girls

Seriously...loving the park!

Labor Day Parade with the Mercers

My first 5K- Thanks Kassie!

Ending with "Super Girls!"
Super Aubrey
Super Katin